The Study of Vibration | Session 123

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Session 123 of The Study of Vibration is an exploratory lecture presented by Da Jeshua San, who discusses the ability of the Now to lift us beyond the illusion of a three-dimensional, linear world.

Illusion is everything that keeps us limited within ourselves. Duality, in turn, one of the most impactful consequences of illusion, is what keeps us away from creating our world with Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth, and Life at its base.

As such, we routinely express ourselves in our daily lives using only a very small part of the total energy being that we are. When we express ourselves from within the often narrow framework of personality that we have established for ourselves, we are separating ourselves from a large part of ourselves.

Part of the shift in human consciousness that is currently underway, is our collective evolution from personality and identity to energity, a state where we fully embrace All That We Are. It is vital, during this period of transformation, to reunite all parts of ourselves, pushing nothing away.

We are invited to leave our identity behind, yes, but this does not in any way involve giving up Who We Are. That, we can never do. But we can give up the pre-defining parameters of the expressions that we are, so as to enter the unknown, which is a major reason for any human choosing to be on Earth in this Age.

We came here to make known the unknown. The only thing we can truly lose in the process are our illusions. We have never been not whole. Jeshua explains how very simple it is. Everything that brings us Joy will lead us to our hearts. And this leads us to our passion, which leads us to why we are here. We have chosen to become a part of our own creation. No more compromising and no more running away from who we are.

This powerful talk by Da Jeshua San plunges us into the non-sensical field, far beyond linear space, into the heart of the Now.

Other Topics Include…

The dark night of the soul • Moving from ego-based thinking to energy-based thinking • Shifting from “identity” to “energity” • What you push away, returns to you • What is death? • “The Now” is a concept of time and space • The “Third Brain” and memories • What it means to no longer allow compromises in your life • The Eja’i, Oja’i principle • Being here now • Moving from theory to practice • The power of Joy • The connection between your senses and matter • The Central Sun and the Akene • The opening up of the White Guild • Gravity and Magnetism • A world of “non-sense” rather than one of walls and definition • and much more.

Originally Titled:

“The Principles of the Now – Part 1 – The Illusion of the Now” | The Cosmic Manifest series