The Study of Vibration | Session 124

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In Session 124 of The Study of Vibration, Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San shares about his personal ascension path, in order to emphasize for the Akeyasan Student Body the importance of living and existing in the cosmic, universal, timeless Truth shared in these classes.

As Students of the Pah that find ourselves within this human experience, we have taken the energetic matrix that we exist in beyond its original limitations, while believing that we still need to live life the same way that we always have, but nothing could be further from the truth.

We, the human race, as well as you, personally, have the potential within, right now, to enter into the existence offered by the ascended beings that present this Study. To achieve this, one must choose to enter into the present that is offered and continuously stick to that choice, unwavering, no matter what. Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San explains that the main difference between his perspective and those that find themselves at the early stages of the Study is the limited belief in the power and the impact of consciousness on the now moment.

As individuals, we have collected all the keys that needed collecting within this lifetime and previous ones, erasing the need to continue to explore old energy patterns and ways of being. The conditional nature of life, which was the standard humanity upheld for a long, long time, can be seen for the illusion that it is and can be released. When this release takes place, one’s entire focus can be freed up in order to enter the practice of making known the unknown.

This 124th Session of The Study of Vibration invites the Akeyasan Student to enter the non-sensical field further than in past Sessions and exercises. Moving through, and beyond, this field, initiates a reunification between conscious energy and conscious matter, which, in turn, leads to the fact that the Ambikayan races — a group of races known as the “Architects of this universe” and amongst which are the Asisian Architects that present upcoming Sessions 130 through 132 — can once again resurface within your consciousness and add their perspectives and wisdom to your own.

Da Ojadasan’ka, in this Session, also reminds us of the Quickening, introduced in Session 51, which is a vital part of the Study of Vibration, in which space and time become compressed and cease to exist from a linear perspective. He discusses why many can be left frustrated as one goes through these changes, especially when the simple act of creating seems to stop working altogether. He explains the Student’s field of experience, as it unfolds, can no longer support the vibrational limitations that are required for limited creations.

As stated by Da Jeshua San in Session 123 previously: There is no world. You are indeed All That Is. As such, the Now moment, focused on in this Session by Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San, is the only accessible moment in which to live the Truths offered in The Study of Vibration, meaning one must be bold by fully accepting and championing this most astonishing adventure, and by letting go of all physical and mental limitations without bidding physical reality as a whole goodbye but by embracing it fully and for what it truly is instead.

We, the Akeyasan Student Body that created the consciousness collective known as Imzaia, took the Active Ingredient of Creality known as Love (Da) and placed it in the heart of reality experience. In other words, Love in Action is what we have built and continue to build together; it is the essence of Imzaia Consciousness and of our connection to it and to the whole.

Other Topics Include…

Why the White Guild and the Cosmic Twelve are evolving • Why certain Ascended Beings are arriving in physical bodies now • More on ‘Creality’ and reunification • The importance of finding home within the heart • All matter has been recycling itself from the very beginning of time and space • On entering the Heart space • Things only break when we have learned how to fix them • Creating Sovereign Consciousness • and much more.

Originally Titled:

“The Principles of the Now – Part 2 – Equality in the Now” | The Cosmic Manifest series