The Study of Vibration | Session 130

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Session 130 introduces the akeyasan student body to the cosmic race known as The Asisian Architects, or simply The Asisians. The cosmic collective consciousness that will join the Study of Vibration for Sessions 130 through 132 chose this English name as an indication of their representing the “As Is” or “As It Is”, a translation from the original metaphysical expression “eja’i”, used often in these Sessions by the Lemurian known as Da Pah Ekara San, the full phrase being “eja’i oja’i” or, “As It Is, So It Shall Be.”

As “the architects of geometry and cosmic grace, the former of which translates itself into energy and consciousness,” and hailing from a place “beyond the Central Sun,” the Asisians reveal in this Session that they are the creators of the human body. Of the many infinite universes that have been created by them, the Asisians look upon this universe that we call home as “one of the few that have survived the journey into infinity and that have now entered into an infinite realm of possibility, choice, and clarity.”

The Asisian Architects go on to say that “everything that had originally been planned in this galaxy and in this universe has already played itself out,” and that includes the originally planned moment of your last heartbeat. “All that you were, all that you have been, all that you could have been, is now behind you. So,” the Asisians continue, “here you sit: the seed of a new consciousness that cannot be expressed in words but can only be felt.”

The Asisians state that you are at the beginning of a new adventure, having reached this stage of your ascension study. It involves entering into a new reality, a new creation, in which you will feel compelled to be more than you are today. This time, the Asisians go on to say, nothing will be defined lest you choose for definition consciously.

Non-definition and definition do not go hand in hand in the way many would think they do. You are either defined or non-defined. You are either in a three dimensional reality or you are in no dimension at all, which is exactly where the Asisians invite you to go: beyond dimension, beyond vibration, beyond everything. The ability to accomplish this leap successfully is to be found in a choice: do you choose to continue to exist as you are today or do you dare change everything that you today believe you are? It is the choice between intelligent mind versus consciousness.

“Consciousness can never be enslaved. Consciousness can never be imprisoned. The only thing that can be imprisoned is the mind.” As we come to realize, as akeyasan students and imzaia, that love is truly all there is, it is time to make that final choice and take that leap.

Another major topic of discussion in this Session is the body. Oftentimes, the Asisians say, people are not happy with the body and create a disease. If there is imbalance in the body, it merely means that you are not lining up with the creator self and, as a result, you become out of balance with All That Is, for you are the universe. In this earthly experience, the body is held down by gravity, “a direct result of consciousness, pinpointing itself to one place of time and space, and thus locking itself into existence.”

Other Topics Include:

The ultimate goal of this Universe is finding Truth • The Free Consciousness experiment and the Free Intelligence experiment • Intelligence is based on truth that cannot be experienced • All creations exist in harmony • The liberation of planet Earth as the catalyst for the liberation of the other planets of free choice • The universe turning into stillness • The true meaning of the body • One is only different from two because of separation • Lemurian numbers are based on the length of tones • Only mind can be affected; consciousness can never be touched • Consciousness has no frequency and exists as pure potential • The stars reflect your geometry back to you • Star Touching exercise • The song of your geometry • And much more.

Originally Titled:

“The Asisian Principles, Part 1” | The Cosmic Manifest series