The Study of Vibration | Session 132

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Session 132 is the third installment of a three part lecture that was presented by the Asisian Architects.

In this Session, the Asisians open the room up to questions from imzaia and akeyasan students who are coming to terms with grasping some of the metaphysical wisdom that is presented in Sessions 130 and 131.

Other Topics Include:

Is gravity a mental concept? • Coherence and the difference between ‘cotention’ and ‘potention’ • Dimensional in-between layers of reality are made of consciousness • What is devoid of frequency cannot be measured • The concept of exit points • You are the universe and are, therefore, never alone • Stars exist beyond time & space and are a reflection of you • Frequency and thought can be measured, but consciousness cannot • The significance of the big bang concept • The physical senses are becoming a two way street • Energetic alchemy • Reclaiming the ‘without within’ • Connection to nature awakens awareness of the presence of the active ingredient of Joy • You are bigger than your body • And much more.

Originally Titled:

“The Asisian Principles, Part 3” | The Cosmic Manifest series