The Study of Vibration | Session 137

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Freedom is one of the most fleeting feelings that a human can experience. The desire for freedom, even when pressing, is often considered difficult to realize, if not impossible, and is, therefore, mostly ignored and suppressed, the open doors and pathways to freedom usually stay hidden in one’s mental blindspot and are even feared when coming into view, if they ever even do.

Session 137 is the first of three Sessions in which several principles of freedom are explored. In this poignant conversation with imzaia and akeyasan students that attended this day of lectures in person, Da Jeshua San and Da Pah Kwan Yin San invite the student to cast aside fear based thinking and to open the self up to contemplating whether “you [are] ready to be open? Are you ready to be who you were born to be? Are you ready to leave all of these things behind you that you have called your mind, that you have called your identity?”

A main topic in this first Session is a metaphysical concept known simply as the grid, which is a mental creation that surrounds all vibrational matter as a matrix, which was once intended as a type of experiential safety net for incarnating beings. As explained in this Session, however, the grid eventually became a constraint and, essentially, a key component to the experience of duality itself.

This, and much more, is discussed in another fascinating lecture that is designed to open your being to the great freedom that lies beyond the restrictive parameters of duality, matter, vibration, and energy.

Originally Titled:

“The Grid / The Principles of Freedom, Part 1” | The Cosmic Manifest series