The Study of Vibration | Session 142

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Session 142 introduces the energy of Da Babaka San to the akeyasan student body in his/her first addition to The Study of Vibration: a power-packed lecture, which invites one to embody an expanded perspective on many often-unnoticed but important concepts that are part of one’s daily reality.

One such topics that is explored by Da Babaka San in Session 142 is the concept of love: a force, a.k.a. one of the 12 active ingredients of San, widely misunderstood by most of humanity, as love is something that one experiences within. When love is “searched for” in the outer body / outer reality, it provides a false sense of definition to the self, and as such it has caused great difficulty and suffering for humanity throughout its physical history.

Da Babaka San also offers the akeyasan student a thorough exploration of the concepts of gravity consciousness, geometry consciousness, and magnetic consciousness, explaining that evolution can be found, not in moving away from either, but rather by embedding all three within the self as a trinity to be embodied. One can take charge of one’s reality by working with gravity, geometry, and magnetics, which are three of the layers of the self, ultimately, of which the human is mostly only aware of the physical or matter-based, gravity layer, as it represents itself as one’s physical body.

Da Babaka San goes on to explain how neural pathways, by default, are pulled into gravity consciousness and processed there, looking for and generating drama and dramatic responses in the mind, usually connected to past situations. This causes the early ascension student to mistakenly believe that one has to “go deep” to resolve dramatic aspects of the self. However, Da Babaka San continues, doing so, one forgets the love, tenderness, and purity that is already available on the surface level of all things.

He/she suggests a different approach therefore, one in which the student focuses on the (holographic) surface of the self and the whole, by merely and simply expressing “who you are today and leaving all judgements in the past.” The result: rather than having a situation, thought, event, person, thing, or an emotion travel through the mind, one can learn to actively choose to connect these experiences to “the actual gravity well, which is the heart space.” This heart space, Da Babaka San goes on to say, is always creating new surface energy, it has no memory, and therefore it is able to create newness from all points of view.

Other Topics Include…

You as the “possible medicine” for Earth • The illusion of time and space • About mass consciousness • Letting go of judging the judgement • The non-moving observer • Passion Councils • The action happens on earth • 4D and materialistic thinking • Thoughts are biochemical in nature • Uncreating duality • The freedom of allowing • and much more.

Originally Titled:

“Resurfacing Triality” | The Cosmic Manifest series


This session is indeed a power-packed lecture with a great deal of crucial topics. I love listening to Da Babaka San. The experience is very different each time.
I am looking forward to listening to him/her speak again. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Da Hana Akeyasan Ekaraia Gaia San :tulip: