The Study of Vibration | Session 143

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In Session 143, presented by the Lemurian Legacy, the akeyasan student is invited to become fully aware of one’s Lemurian essence, to reactivate it and to once again blend this unique essence with the self so that it can be expressed and experienced daily.

This Lemurian essence is the link between the self and everything cosmic. The Lemurian Legacy bringing this Session forth at this step of The Study of Vibration, they say, is an agreement that was made “a long time ago,” when the decision was made “to separate unity, so that it could get to know itself.” When this decision was reached and carried out, matter, energy, and consciousness were created, and the universe became “real to you,” in the words of the Lemurian Legacy. Following this, the Akash and the Akonai were separated — the realm of emotion and of feeling — leading to the moment one finds oneself in, prior to accessing this precious Session.

Following the lessons learned in Session 142, by Da Babaka San, now that you have begun “resurfacing” again, the Lemurian Legacy goes on to say that “it is time to come home to who you are, home to the original energy of earth, home to that, which you have called Lemurian.” Blending your current state of energy experience with your Lemurian state of energy expression, then, opens you up to the possibility of changing your perspective from one who searches and attempts to find oneself on the outside of the self, to one who comes home to the inner dimensions, hidden within the cellular structure of the physical body even, and ultimately making the shift from Akash, the world of emotion, which is structured an predefined, to Akonai, the world of feeling, unstructured and undefined.

One of the many topics that the Lemurian Legacy touches upon, planet earth is revealed as an inter-dimensional onion of sorts, with many layers, many dimensions, all of which exist in the same space. The Lemurian Legacy goes on to share many more pieces of Lemurian truth, many of which you will recognize, because, as they say, “no one here on earth today has not been part of this Lemurian experiment.”

Session 143 is an active and open invitation to come home to the core of who you truly are, an invitation to those that dare to truly Love themselves in the knowingness that One is All That Is.

Other Topics Include…

You are All that Is • The path of the heart has always been inside of you • Lemurian energy is a consciousness outside time and space, outside of gravity, geometry and magnetics • The illusion of linearity and the boomerang effect • Portal activation • Black holes • Nexi of the third wave • Wherever you are, you are everywhere • Express your heart, all it involves is You • Love angels • New energy • Motion consciousness • and much more.

Originally Titled:

“Lives in Lemuria” | The Cosmic Manifest series