The Study of Vibration | Session 144

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Imagine being transported instantly to the beloved beaches by Merlin’s Cave, in Tintagel, UK, where the magic of Camelot is as potent today as it ever was and the mists of Avalon reign supreme.

Imagine the magic of Merlin’s cave to your left, the pebbled beach and the ocean in front of you, and a misty waterfall of water particles to your right, a portal to anywhere your imagination wants to go.

You are sitting on rocks that are dotted around everywhere, some big enough to cast a shadow next to Da Jeshua San, who is standing in front of you, and some rocks ancient enough to have been touched by countless hands and hearts, not just during the Camelot days, but in the era of Lemuria itself.

This is where you are about to go, and it is where this 144th Session of the Study of Vibration is taking place, right now, and evermore.

In this Session, Da Jeshua San takes you and the rest of the akeyasan student body on a journey that begins in the mind, but truly commences in the heart. The human species, he says, has grown increasingly accustomed to listening to the sounds of mind, even the beating of the human heart is, in many ways, a bringer of comfort. Yet few can hear the stillness of the heart, the moment in between the heartbeats.

Humans are drawn to noise because of mind. After all, mind can only exist in relation to the ego and personality, in a complex construct, and therefore, mind can only exist when it is thinking a thought.

Da Jeshua San continues to explain what thoughts are, how they are made, and why they exist. He goes on to say that thoughts are never personal and that the only reason they even exist to begin with is humanity’s belief that it is separated from the surrounding world. “If you would realize,” Da Jeshua San continues, “that this is all you, there would be no need for thought.”

These are only a few of the early topics that are presented in Session 144. If you wish to proceed into the experience with Da Jeshua San, the time has come to make yourself comfortable on your spot on this magical beach; time to enter the space in between.

You are invited to merge into the stillness in between the heartbeats, where the sun and moon dance, where all things that surround you are alive beyond compare, and where the heart of all things pours out of you as the infinite flow of San.

Originally Titled:

“The Space in Between” | The Cosmic Manifest series