The Study of Vibration | Session 145

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Session 145, a direct sequel to 144, features Da Jeshua San in a presentation to a group of akeyasans in live attendance, in the near-heavenly garden surrounding the famous abbey in Glastonbury, UK, the infamous Tor tower looming in the distance.

In another powerful Session about the heart and the mind, Da Jeshua San reminds us of the power that exists within. “When the heart speaks, the mind knows nothing,” he states. “There are no thoughts, no ideas, no concepts, for these are born in the neocortex.” While the heart space is so often forgotten as one gets distracted by life in the outside world, it is actually the true center from which anything can be created. It all comes from within.

When we get involved with the heart, and more importantly, with the Akene, we enter it initially through the realm of magnetics, which is a universe of reality creation, described by Da Jeshua San as a space of “energology” rather than technology, and identity, even.

With akeyasan students dotted around on the grass, and some sitting in the branches of a nearby tree, Da Jeshua San goes on to discuss how mind and mental energy only has two possible movements to work with: it is trying to get closer to something, or it is trying to get further away from something. These actions are the tensions and tendencies that cause the fields in which thought is created, which, in turn, creates the illusory experience of time as well as of space.

The ekaraia or Study Session continues on into many topics, such as neurological networks and their formation within the brain, which in turn create the linear aspect of time, essentially displacing you from the now experience and your ability within that now to create instantaneously by your own volition and not someone else’s.

Da Jeshua San also discusses the power of the word and language’s ability to program people’s individual and societal behaviors.

As a solution to all of this, the simple connection to the elements is presented. Once you open your heart and see that the elements of earth, water, air, and light or fire, that surround you, never truly appear in the same way twice, that they are always unique in their presence, you can open up to experiencing the limitlessness of energy and to its ever changing nature. And when you harmonize with this limitless energy of the elements and with their ever-reinventing nature, then you have made yourself truly ready to shift and raise your vibration, much like the Lemurians once did before you.

Other Topics Include…

The Lemurian language only ever knows the usage of the present time • The ancient energy of the dolphin • Enjoying the moment without attempting to recreate it • The truth about faith • Changing yourself is changing the world • Being a player, not a victim • Remembering what it is like to be a child • Addictions are in the mind • Being a haven unto others • The End Times have been misrepresented as being apocalyptic, but they are not • and much more.

Originally Titled:

“Into the Heart of Action” | The Cosmic Manifest series