The Study of Vibration | Session 148

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SUMMARY - Recorded during Da Jeshua San & the Fellowship’s stay in the area of Mt. Shasta, CA, this Session introduces the tachyonic energies of Da Shasaya San, Da Camelaya San & Da Toraya San. The Session took place on Mt. Shasta itself and was recorded at night, amongst the stones, the stars, and the silence of the dragons’ song.

TITLE - A Declaration of New Energy, Part 1

SERIES - The Cosmic Manifest

AUTHOR - Da Camelaya San, Da Shasaya San, Da Toraya San

RECORDED - Mount Shasta, CA | August 20, 2007


Poh’ish’ke aya’e i karaya’e

Hello, old friends! It seems we have an interruption in our regular programming. You were expecting other energies to come in. You were expecting to continue the teaching that you, your fellowship and you yourselves, had started a while ago, the teaching about the elements, the teaching about working with magnetics and the mechanics of magnetics. Unfortunately, you will have to settle for us. We are, yes we are the awareness of three of very well-known energies, mates, companions of all of you here, of this Imzaia Fellowship that is now traveling the ‘United’ States – which are not so united after all.

Let us introduce ourselves again. We are the energy of that being which you know as Da Shasaya San. Also gathered here is the energy of that being that you know as Da Toraya San, and last but not least the energy of Da Camelaya San. We have blended consciousness, incarnated into the human flesh for just a little while, for our energies are quite immense, to say the least. What you are seeing right now, what you are experiencing right now, are just parts of our complete energy cycle, you see, for this is the only part that exists within 3D. All the other parts of us are still present in what you would call ‘other dimensions’ of time and space, the universe that you inhabit.

Blending Consciousness

Why have we chosen to come today? To teach you a lesson and to teach ourselves a lesson. The lesson would be that it is time to blend our consciousness once again – not just the consciousness of us, Da Shasaya, Camelaya, and Toraya San, the only three that you are aware of right now, but also the consciousness of you, all of you. And as usual, during transmissions like this one, we not only speak to you, we speak to all of you, all of your parts, all of your lives, all of your little particles that are spread throughout the universe like feathers drifting through the winds. And again we also speak to those whom you call the ‘Imzaia’, the Imzaia that are starting to spread themselves throughout this planet as you are paving the way for this.

Welcome to our mount, Mount Shasta. You have just scratched the surface of this energy, as you have entered, entered this consciousness, this energy field, this magnetic field, and you will continue to do so in the coming days. May we inform you that the worst part of the journey is over? Well, that depends. It depends on what you would call ‘focus’, on what you would call ‘balance’.

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