The Study of Vibration | Session 149

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SUMMARY - An unexpected call leads Da Jeshua San several miles away from Mt. Shasta. Accompanied by the Fellowship, a camping trip on the shores of Castle Lake brings forth the return of the tachyonic dragon energies that deliver the continuation of the Declaration of New Energy.

TITLE - A Declaration of New Energy, Part 2

SERIES - The Cosmic Manifest

AUTHOR - Da Camelaya San, Da Shasaya San, Da Toraya San

RECORDED - Castle Lake, Mount Shasta, CA | August 22, 2007


And so it begins.

Dear ones, beautiful ones, fellow ones, we greet thee anew and we welcome thee to this honored spot, this district which is much more than a simple place of wading, a simple place to wash thy body, to wash thy clothing – a place much more than can be used for fishing, for gathering food or for entertainment, as it has been used in the last few years. We welcome thee to one of the entrances of that which you know today as ‘Avalon’.

We are indeed near one of the lakes, the lakes that border that which you call ‘the Mount of Shasta’. Again, we have the honor of speaking to you. Those that you call Da Shasaya o Camelaya o Toraya San coming back for more information, more of an exchange.

We are one day late, are we not? Normally, we would have had this conversation, this exchange with you yesterday, but yesterday proved to be an impossibility, and so we are here today, which is in line with the great order of things. Why? One reason that comes to heart is, of course, the date on which you sit right now, the 22nd of August in the year known as 2007 – 2007 years, almost to the date, when we in other incarnations of you had this conversation. Know that we, as the twelfth vibration of that which you have come to call ‘the Cosmic Twelve’, have had this conversation before and that we are now talking to you simultaneously throughout the lives. This is not one conversation that is going on. It is a multiplicity of conversations.

Weave your World

And as you sit here in these bodies, we see your other bodies. We see the bodies that are also communicating with us. Some of you have been in male form; others were in female form. The form does not matter, for it is the greatest of all illusions, of course. And so, here we have these eyes now that can look upon you, can look upon thee, throughout the dimensions, throughout time and space, which are two more illusions. Let this exchange, which is also an illusion, become the death of your old self and the birth of your new self – yet another illusion.

So, let there no longer be any need for separation, any need for those things that have placed yourselves outside of you. This is what you do when you create worlds, and this is why your organization now is called ‘Weaving the World’, for you see, when you weave, you do not put things outside of yourself; you do not displace energy into matter; you weave it. And the process of weaving, dear ones, beautiful ones, is always is one that is linked to the self, always one that is linked to the original version of the energy creation stemming from within. It is this notion that will serve you greatly in the coming years. For understanding that all that is around you is stemming forth and is still connected to that which is within you, is the great path to the Great Work. And so it is that we sit in this body and that these words are stemming from the body, and yet, at the same time, there is no separation.

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