The Study of Vibration | Session 150

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SUMMARY - Recorded in 2007 — yet destined to remain private until 2021 — this precious Session documents the arrival of Da Pah Ekara San, who, as you will hear, needs some time to orient himself within the fragile structures of this ekaraia reality.

During Da Jeshua San’s stay in Mount Shasta, a chance encounter with the great Aurelia Louise Jones leads to the establishing of a beautiful connection between the two. On this day in August, Da Aurelia San invites Da Jeshua San and the Fellowship on a trip, deep into the heart of Mount Shasta. There, she delivers a private message by Adama, followed by the arrival of Da Pah Ekara San that you are about to experience, and leading to a cherished conversation that we are proud to count as Session 150 of The Study of Vibration.

AUTHOR - Da Pah Ekara San

RECORDED - Mount Shasta, CA | August 25, 2007


And so it is.

Greetings, dear Ones, beloved One, I Am that I Am, Da Pah Ekara San, an energy to which you have had no further, previous contact. And yet, today, I would like to make my presence known.

Ekara is one of the many names that this soul, this energy that is now channeling for us, has spoken to you for, has lived with you before.

It is a bit difficult at first, for this is the first time that we are speaking. We are finding the English language a little bit harder to integrate – any human language at this point, for the Lemurian language was so beautiful, so elegant, so precise. It was a language that didn’t need many words to say the things that needed to be said.

Now, in this English language, it is pretty difficult for us to translate the energies of that, with which we want to communicate with you today. So, thank you for your patience in this… in this respect.

Again, the name Ekara is a name you have all known. It is a name you should know very well, sweet Angel. It is the name of your son. It is the name of one who once lived on the Lemurian continent as well. Of course, one who was destined at that point to take upon further tasks, to take upon further energies, but, unfortunately, due to the interference of darker forces, this was cut short.

So, today, I have the privilege of reemerging. I have the privilege of speaking to you again. And those of you who are here for the first time, those of you who have traveled with Da Jeshua San to this place, should think it pretty interesting that every time a channeling has come in, new names have appeared, names that have not previously been heard: the name Shasaya, for instance, or the name Toraya; the name Camelaya – three dragon energies, dragon energies that live on the mount, live on the Mount Shasta, live in Glastonbury, live in Tintagel, in England, in Cornwall.

But today, this name, Ekara, is a name that is closer to your hearts.

The Essence of Completion

At this point, we cannot offer you too much information yet. All we can say is that, as Da Aurelia San and Da Adama San and the others have confirmed for you that your great journey has begun. All of you know this. All of you have been here before in this planet’s energy. You have made the journey, and the journey could be called complete, from our point of view, from the point of view where we are sitting. In the higher dimensions, it is complete. In fact, we see you having made the choices already to continue onto the path. And to us, this means completion. Once potentials have been chosen, once potentials have turned into certainty, completion arises.

But what, truly, is the essence of completion? Completion is fixing the path in front of you, as though the steps had already been taken. And you have all been thinking about focus lately. Focus brings on the energy of completion.

You see, in the higher realms where we all sit, where you are also sitting at a certain type of consciousness, in the higher realms, things work a little differently. You work with linearity. You work with a path that you have to follow, and you don’t know what the next step is going to bring. Oftentimes, you do know, or you believe that you know what the next step is going to bring, and then every single time, you are shocked that the path leads a different route.

Much in the same way as you have started your journey here, as you have started your journey in Europe, and you have ended up here now, and you have found, as you say, a home, a place… Will this be the end of the journey? Of course not. The journey is never over. It has never been about a place that you are journeying to. Maui is not the place that you are journeying to. It might be a place where you set your energies up for a longer period of time, yes. You might even build that center that you have been dreaming about for so long, but you will continue. The journey will always continue.

People oftentimes thought, when they think back to Lemuria, when they think back to this great energy, they thought it was just a place, just a little specific part of this planet Earth, but as you know, and as many others know, the first and foremost energies of Lemuria were carried within the heart energy themselves. And wherever the Lemurian went, was the continent of Lemuria.

And when we say, “wherever the Lemurian went,” what we, of course, mean, is not just space. It is also time.

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