The Study of Vibration | Session 151

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SUMMARY - In the afternoon of the day following Da Pah Ekara San’s first-ever recording on Mt. Shasta, Da Jeshua San and the Fellowship gather again in the woods surrounding the mystical mountain, in order to record an electrifying lecture that offers a gateway into a new way of human existence.

Titled The New Energy Human, this poignant message, packed with exercises and tools to facilitate conscious evolution, is timeless in its approach yet enormously impactful on the now moment of the experiencer, no matter the year or the circumstances this experience with Da Pah Ekara San is entered into.

Due to the vital nature of this message for the entirety of humanity, ascended life kindly asks anyone reading this to share this recording far and wide.

TITLE - The New Energy Human

SERIES - The Cosmic Manifest

AUTHOR - Da Pah Ekara San

RECORDED - Mount Shasta, CA | August 26, 2007


I am that I am, Da Pah Ekara San, of the New Lemuria. Thank you, Eja’e San for this beautiful expression of the heart and I welcome all of thee here today, all of you here today on this beautiful planet, this beautiful planet Earth, this planet, which is in the power of a great surge of transformation. I and all the others speak not to you from the past of that which was once known as ‘Lemuria’. I speak of you from a point of perspective you would call ‘the future’. I speak of you and I speak to you, for I speak now from the council of this New Lemuria in this grand celestial temple made of quartz, gold, lavender; that color that you have called pink infuses the rose quartz energy, and, of course, also the great lavender color of amethyst. All of these colors are present here.

And this is the true nature of your forests on this planet Earth, all of these forests that you see here. Woven in between the trees are that which you call ‘the energy of precious metals’, such as quartz, such as gold, such as all of these things, only not taking shape in matter, but existing in energy.

When I say that I speak to you from a perspective of what you know as the future, then I don’t mean a far away point in space and time. I don’t mean decades from now. I am talking about just a few years from now. This is why this type of communication can take place so directly, for you see, this planet Earth is about to undergo major shifts. And today, I and the rest of this council wish to speak of these major shifts that are taking place.

A Message for the Entire Planet Earth

So, before we go on, I ask my partner, Da Jeshua San, my translator of energy for today, to charge himself/herself with the power of focus, for so many words sometimes get lost in the winds, the winds of time and space, the waters of time and space that weave these realities. This is a message not only for those listening here right now. This is a message not only for those who will listen to this out of an esoteric point of view. This is a message for the entire planet Earth.

Again I repeat my name. I am Da Pah Ekara San. This name of Ekara is one of the names by which a long, long time ago you have known this energy that you have come to worship, unfortunately, on this planet as Jeshua ben Joseph; that energy which you have called ‘Jesus’. But this was not the only incarnation that I have known on this planet. Other masters I have lived: that life which you call ‘Kwan Yin’, that mystical/mythical life that you have known as ‘Arthur’, the life of Krishna, and, of course, this one that I am speaking of right now, the life of Ekara.

A long time ago from your perspective in time and space, I was known as ‘the Prince of Lemuria’. And for those of you listening right now who do not understand the concept of Lemuria, I simply ask you: open up your hearts, open up your soul and think from a point of perspective that is bigger than the life that you are living right now. For you might be known on this Earth with names, dates of birth, locations of birth. You might express yourselves through your families, through your jobs, the things that you do when you are not working. You might express yourselves from the point of perspective of your secrets, the secrets that you keep; the parameters that make up the mind. And I am here to say that all of these things are not real. All of these things are illusion, in much the same way as this body that is sitting here now, and this body, and the trees around us, are indeed illusion.

Some of you might know about this illusion. Some of you might think that illusion is something that must come to an end. And, of course, it is not. The only point of perspective from which we speak, I and the others of the council of the New Lemuria, is the illusion that separates this body from this one or that separates this body from the trees around here or from the little bugs that are now flying, playing with our hands, playing with our energies. When I say that I have come into this body now, temporarily to give you a message that is meant for the entire planet Earth, then so it is.

Now what could this message be? First of all, before we go on, I really want you to go to a place of heart. So, I invite you now to close your eyes. I invite you to let go of the mind, to let go of thinking, and to make a journey, a journey within. For you see, most humans have a focus on the head. And this is because science today is saying that the brain is one of the most important facets, organs, if you will, of the human body. And this is, of course, untrue. There is not one organ more important than the other. The only thing that the brain might do is think, yes, and indeed, it does not even think for itself. There is a continuous line coming from a Unified Mind that is feeding you thoughts, thoughts into your brain. Your brain recognizes this transmission as its own type of energy. So, the moment that these thoughts come into your brain, you think they are your own. They are not.

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