The Study of Vibration | Session 152

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SUMMARY - Following the impactful presentation of Session 151, a.k.a The New Energy Human, Da Jeshua San gathers the imzaia fellowship in the evening of the same day, to once again bring in Da Pah Ekara San, who continues venturing deeper into the metaphysical realms that are discussed in 151 and earlier sessions.

This leads to the recording of a “one-on-one” session, which can be considered quite personal to the students in attendance yet at the same time universal and even pivotal information for all.

The Session took place in Da Jeshua San’s 8-person camper van, at night, in an intimate setting and has not been available since 2007, when it briefly shared as part of The Cosmic Manifest series. However, due to Da Jeshua San noticing that people back in 2007 could not fully grasp the important metaphysical nature and esoteric framework of this piece, it was “temporarily hidden” until today, April 30, 2021.

It is important to note that the “timeline, four years into the future” as discussed by Da Pah Ekara San in both Sessions 151 & 152, is not a “failed” timeline, as one might think listening to this Session in 2021 & beyond, nor is it a “fixed” timeline. Instead, it is a fluid one and a guaranteed one. In other words, it is an experience of this ekaraia reality that is accessible at any time and can be entered when the student is ready. As such, it is not a “timeline” in the traditional sense, given that the reality experience discussed by Da Pah Ekara San is one that is accessible “at all times” and “by all beings devoid of the Mah illusions of fixed and conditional form, time, space, exchange, death, and separation.”

TITLE - One-on-one with Da Pah Ekara San & the imzaia fellowship

SERIES - The Cosmic Manifest

AUTHOR - Da Pah Ekara San

RECORDED - Mount Shasta, CA | August 26, 2007


And so it is.

Greetings, beloved ones, and welcome back to this special one-on-one section of the first part of this series called ‘The New Energy Human’. I am, yes, I am, Da Pah Ekara San, king of the New Lemuria.

Right now, I am sitting here in the presence of the new president of this new planet Earth. We are in the vicinity of Mount Shasta. The energies are very high in this portal energy that we are sitting in right now.

This one-on-one section has been specifically created to offer a more human, temporary perspective on the Earth changes that are happening right under our fingertips.

So many people are aware of this new planet that we are all creating. They live in your hearts; they live in your soul, and slowly, ever so slowly they are emerging from the human body into the human experience.

This one-on-one section is created, so that this new president, and all of you listening right now, can find deeper understanding, can activate further layers of themselves, so that all of us, I, Da Pah Ekara San, and the council of New Lemuria and all of you here on this planet Earth can be joined as one, can be working for the same goal.

So, I thank you that you are here tonight, and I thank all of you listening. Know that the energies that we are creating together live inside of your hearts and that this Ekaraia encounter is meant for all of you.

On this one-on-one adventure, we have the privilege of your questions, Mr. President. So, I am listening to you.

A Presidency of Service

President of the New Lemuria: The first question is, of course, what do you mean with ‘presidency’? If you have to compare it with the presidency of today, where this presidency that results from a system, from a political system, from parameters, and not from the Three Principles of the New Lemuria…?

Da Pah Ekara San: Well, of course, you know that the presidency that we are talking about and the presidency that has been prevailing on this planet Earth, the kingdoms and all of these things, governments (you know what I am talking about) will no longer exist as they are existing today. As we have said in the message, in the Ekaraia that we did this afternoon – that is available now for all of us to hear and for all the others to hear – this new type of presidency is not one that will lead to some sort of imperial view on everyone. It is meant as service.

Service has always been very important to much of the spiritual movements that have been going on on the planet Earth in the last few decades, and what I and all the others mean by ‘service’, is simply allowing all the potentials of all the human beings that exist on this planet to come to fruition, to bloom, as it were.

Each person on this planet Earth holds a specific seed in their hearts. You could call it a gift; you could call it a pearl; you could call it a jewel; you could call it an energy that they bring from beyond that, which you call the veil. And each of these people is important.

As you look to the old presidency and the old kings and the old queens, as they have existed on this Earth, they have never looked into the human heart to find out what is living there, what exists there. The new presidency, of course, is meant as a way of allowing everyone and all potentials to exist as one.

And this always brings emotion in our voice for we know how this system, or this non-system will work. It is not a presidency that puts you above anyone else. You could almost say that it puts you below anyone else, in the sense that you are a type of founding father, a foundation for all of these people on this planet Earth to exist in harmony.

And when you talk about the Three Principles, of course, in ‘The Declaration of New Energy’ – which would be Unconditional Love, Unconditional Joy, and Unconditional Freedom – it is from these parameters, which are not parameters but ever-expanding concepts, that you will work. Do you understand this?

President of the New Lemuria: Mhm. Yes, but I still have a question about the practicalness of this. We have concepts of… We learned just concepts of total time, total space, total… This new age, this new world is going to be build, actually. It has to be lived with this principle of total time, but my fear or my little problem is, is this a possibility, or still a difficulty, because some people are going to accept these concepts, and others are too afraid of them? I mean, I don’t want to create two separate ways.

Da Pah Ekara San: Well, there is fear, indeed. There is fear in many a mind, but there is never fear in the human heart. And as we have talked about the Akene today, and how the Akene takes the energy of the human heart into the Heart of All Things located at the back of the scull, and then back into the memory of the now, and so traveling back to the human heart, so, you must rely on the fact that this Heart of All Things exists in all of humanity. It exists everywhere.

And the reason why you have been born for this specific task, the reason why you have been having all the dreams that you have been having, of course, is that you tap into this Heart of All Things. It is in the Heart of All Things that the potentials of the future, the potentials of the very near future I must add, is always present. And this is… this will be, at least, your main way of communicating with everyone.

You can indeed not put this concept on the world as it is today, for today, people still believe in separation. Today, people still believe in the concept of giving their power away to others who will then govern their interests. But this is not the way it shall work. This is not the way that the new human, the new energy human will exist on the planet Earth.

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