The Study of Vibration | Session 153

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SUMMARY - Da Jeshua San & the imzaia fellowship decide to leave Mount Shasta shortly after the recording of Session 152 and travel toward Las Vegas, NV.

On the way there, Da Jeshua San is inspired to stop at Cathedral Rock Trail, near Mount Charleston, NV. They disembark their RV camper lovingly called “Pegasus” and walk up to the spot that is pictured here, where Session 153 would be recorded by Da Pah Ekara San.

As explained in greater detail in Session 153, Cathedral Rock is a metaphysical portal that manifests in this dimension as wind energy – it forms a vital part of this Session and is strongly present in the audio of this recording, as you will notice. We offer a transcript for the few sentences that might be easy to miss.

This “Tale of Two Lemurians / The Story of Ekara and Eja’e” is a very precious tale indeed, and a true one, which still resides in the deepest oceans within the hearts of all of humankind. In 2021, Da Pah Ekara San informed us that this tale is far from being finished. We look forward to its continuation and will update this summary with links when further episodes of this tale become available.

TITLE - A Tale of Two Lemurians / The Story of Ekara and Eja’e

SERIES - The Cosmic Manifest

AUTHOR - Da Pah Ekara San

RECORDED - Cathedral Rock, Mt. Charleston, NV | September 4, 2007


Greetings, my beloved, I am, yes I am Da Pah Ekara San, once Prince of the old Lemuria and now, in your future now, King of that which is called ‘the New Lemuria’. And you are all here not as servants, not as disciples, but as equals. And it is my honor that I may now convey this truth that I will convey right now onto you.

There are many things that we need to talk about today, several things in fact, so I will ask my partner, which is my now-self, to translate correctly. You are sitting here in a very special place. Again we find ourselves in that which you today call ‘the United States’, although you are no longer in California. You are now in Nevada, of course, very close to the supposed ‘City of Lights’, although we would call it ‘the City of Non-Lights’, very close to Las Vegas. You are sitting here near the Cathedral Rock, which is part of the Charleston Mountain.

Three Vortex Kakras

And before we continue, we want to tell you that the next three Ekaraias, of which this is the first, will be held near very special vortex energy places. This place, Cathedral Rock near Charleston Mountain is one of these places. You see, if you connect the dots literally from Charleston Rock onto Le Madre and onto the eventual outcome of our small journey here, Rainbow Rock, then you will find yourselves connected to three separate vortex energies which, all combined, create a giant vortex onto themselves.

Why are you doing this, dear Fellowship, you might wonder? Well, all of this… All of this traveling that you are all doing is part of bringing back the energy of the old Lemuria and transforming it to the energy of the New Lemuria. You as travelers are responsible for activating these energies. But I want and all the others want to let the listener to this message know that you also have a part in this. Those who are now at home listening to these messages are the ones who will pick up the energy that this Fellowship here is loosening, is reactivating, and those at home will transform it into the energy of the New Lemuria. This is because of the heart.

Where we are now sitting near Cathedral Rock is that space which you would call a ‘kakra center’ for this vortex and it is that which you would call ‘the Heart Kakra’. This is why this Ekaraia today will focus on love, love, love.

Love has been so much misunderstood in the last few years on this planet Earth. It has been misconstrued; it has been raped even. From its very roots it has been plucked and turned into something that it is not, something which creates a form of dependency, while love is an energy that continues to grow, continues to expand, and always returns to the one who has initiated it. These are some of things that we will talk about today. And, of course, you all know that these words are coming from your very experiences. So, thank you for sharing.

But before we go into this, before will talk about love, there are a couple of other things that we need to talk about. First of all, while this space that you are in right now can be called the ‘heart kakra’ of this rainbow vortex, the next space that you will visit, which is, of course, Mount Charleston, well, that could be called the ‘head kakra’ of this rainbow vortex, while the last space that will be visited is to be called the third kakra, the ‘action kakra’ of this vortex.

[People walk by and say ‘hello’.] Isn’t it beautiful how little interactions are made, how little connections are made and how love will now stem forth from those two that have just passed between our energy?

So, just a reminder: you are now sitting in the heart kakra. We will then move on to Charleston, Mount Charleston, which can be called ‘the head kakra’, and then we will activate this vortex energy to make it into a portal in the action kakra, which will be the Rainbow Mountain itself. What a beautiful name it has been given!

Now, before we go on, several other things, as I just said: As you know things have been changing on this planet, and they have been changing greatly. This series that we are now creating all of us together called ‘the New Energy Human Series’ will be part of this change, of course, but there are so many others, so many others who are traveling, so many others who are exploring this great twelfth planet of Free Will, and all of these others are coming together very shortly.

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