The Study of Vibration | Session 155

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SUMMARY - In Session 155, recorded immediately after Session 154, Da Pah Ekara San picks up where Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San left off, closing the conversation on the Celebration of Free Energy and taking questions from students & the audience in attendance.

TITLE - A Celebration of Free Energy, Part 2

SERIES - The Cosmic Manifest

AUTHOR - Da Pah Ekara San

RECORDED - Kealakekua Bay, Big Island, Hawaii | September 18, 2007


Greetings, my beloved, I am Da Pah Ekara San. You know me from that series, which we call ‘the New Energy Human’ [Session 151]. I will be presenting much more information in the coming weeks, as we will guide you, I and some of the others will guide you through this new type of energy called ‘free energy’ and how you can work with it. It will be a wonderful journey and joyful exploration of those parts of yourself that you have not yet been aware of up until now. It is a celebration, as Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San has just put it, a celebration of who you truly are and how you can interact with yourself in that way.

Tonight I will be answering your questions as you will be asking them hopefully, and I want to ask all of you a first question, namely that you just direct your focus and your energy discipline to those areas that we have just browsed through, as Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen has been speaking.

Of course, you can ask many questions. You can ask questions about your grandmother; you can ask questions about your uncle, about your dog or about your little toe, but let’s focus today on the questions that are based on the principle of free energy. This will be most interesting to the Imzaia listening in.

Opening Up to New Ways of Existence

I know that many of you, as you were listening to Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San’s message, were falling asleep. Now this is not uncommon for this type of information, for this type of information, you see, is often processed on other levels than the conscious level. So, if you are falling asleep, and if you find yourself in the coming classes falling asleep, just let it happen. Know that there is a part of you that is awareness that will fill the gap, so to say, fill the gap between your conscious self and your inner self. And oftentimes, when you fall asleep you will go to this inner Self, and there you will process the information and the energy that has been given to you.

Also be aware that next to the words that have been spoken tonight by Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San, I and many others have been working with your DNA, with your cells, with your very body, so that you could open yourself up to a new way of existence, as I have opened myself up to this new way of existence. You know that I am about four years in your future, talking to you from that point, and also about 38’000 years in your past, where I am talking to you from the old Lemuria. Today I blend these two parts of myself to come here and now so that I can answer your questions, if you have them.

But before we go there, Imzaia, I would also like to remind the listeners and maybe even the readers at some point that they can always email their questions to We will make sure that these questions will get to others here in the audience right now, and that these questions will be read to me or to anyone doing a Q&A so that you at home can enjoy the experience of interaction with us. It is a new way of thinking maybe, but if you have questions regarding free energy or any of the other topics that we have browsed in the last few months, just send them through email, and if they are interesting for the whole, so to speak, they will be asked and answered.

Now, is there a first question in the audience? – Oh, the silence! The silence is deafening!

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