The Study of Vibration | Session 157

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SUMMARY - With the lemurian 2007 Hawaiian retreat on Big Island now in full swing, on the morning of September 23 Da Jeshua San sits down on the lava rock near Kealakekua Bay beach, and surprises the imzaia & direct students in attendance with the arrival of Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San, who presents a class called “You Are All Vibration” presented here in the imzaia libraries as Study of Vibration Session 157.

In this Session, Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi San picks up where Da Pah Ekara San left off and presents a talk on the wholeness of consciousness and what everyone is capable of when working with consciousness in love, in joy, and in freedom. As always, there is so much more that can be said about this talk that is not covered in this summary, but it is probably best to let Da Kuthumi San take you on this fascinating journey into consciousness expansion.

TITLE - You Are All Vibration

SERIES - The Cosmic Manifest

AUTHOR - Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San

RECORDED - Kealakekua Bay, Big Island, Hawaii | September 23, 2007


[Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San sings in Lemurian]

Top of the midday to you, beautiful Imzaia! I am not the one you were thinking about. I am not Da Pah Ekara San coming in. This is I, Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San, Kuthumi-hi-hi-hi, and I bring you joy and I bring you freedom and I bring you love.

Akeyasan 1: I was thinking about you.

Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San: I know you were thinking about me. I was thinking about you, too!

Akeyasan 1: Dangerous.

Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San: Yes!

So good day, Imzaia, good day to all of you.

I am not Da Pah Ekara San, unfortunately he could not make it right now. He is making preparations for his special New Energy Classes.

And I want to tell you a couple of things as I had the chance to be here with you right now. I know that Da Pah Ekara San and Da Jeshua San, who is our messenger, has been telling you about these New Energy Classes that are about to begin, and I want to give you a little bit of more information about all of this.

The Free Energy Classes

First of all, I want to tell you that it will not just be Da Pah Ekara San teaching you all of these things; it will also be the dragon energies, the dragon energies that you know by the names of Da Shasaya San, based on Mount Shasta, of course, and then Da Camelaya San, based in Cornwall, and then, of course, also Da Toraya San, based in Glastonbury. And there is yet one other that will come in to teach you about all of these things as well, and this is the energy you know as ‘Da Ranaya San’. Da Ranaya San is based in Mount Charleston. These energies will be doing the translating work, together with Da Pah Ekara San.

But Da Jeshua San was wrong in one respect. I will not be partaking in these classes as a student like yourselves. I have promoted myself, because this is free energy, I have promoted myself as the assistant of Da Pah Ekara San. Tell me, why could I not do this? Right? If there is someone who knows about free energy, is it not I, Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San, and don’t I live in all of your hearts? So, you all know about this free energy. It is just our intention to bring this back into your consciousness.

Now, speaking of free energy, it is interesting to note how I was here already for a good five minutes when your meditation thing and the opening of the circle was still going on. You know, Imzaia, it is very difficult for all of you to let go of old structures – all of you, even the spiritual ones, even people like you because when you gather around, when you gather around and want to do the spiritual Ekaraia/channel thing, you still have a paradigm that you are following. And I am inviting you, I and all of the others, am inviting you to let go of these paradigms. They will no longer support you; they will no longer work. Do you think that the waves plan the way they are going to crash onto the beach? Do you think the waves plan how big they are going to get beforehand? No, they don’t, they just crash. And if they are big and huge, like the ones you might find for instance in Maui or other places on these islands, then that it is beautiful to watch, but if they remain small and tiny and just make a small ‘splash’ sound as they crash onto the ocean, they feel as big as the big ones that crash onto the ocean and then onto the sand. You should realize this.

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