The Study of Vibration | Session 160

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SUMMARY - Until the restoration of The Study of Vibration began in 2020, Session 160 had never before been released, although it was recorded the moment Da Lemuaya San’s talk in Session 159 on Black Sand Turtle Beach (Big Island, HI) came to a close.

Only 20 minutes in length it offers a fascinating peek inside of a practical hour of a Free Energy class, presented by Da Pah Ekara San to students. It was never intended for public release. In this fragment, Da Pah Ekara San starts explaining how the akene and the ‘akenet’ work on a practical level. Two exercises are also touched upon: one on sending and receiving via the akene, and another on akeneic visualization through ascended senses.

TITLE - Practice Class on Free Energy

SERIES - The Cosmic Manifest

AUTHOR - Da Pah Ekara San

RECORDED - Black Sand Turtle Beach, Big Island, Hawaii | September 25, 2007


And so it is.

Greetings, my Beloved, I am Da Pah Ekara San, King of Lemuria, and I am here with my brothers and sisters, those that you know under the names of Da Eja’e San. I am also here with Da Tobias San today who is joining us for this Free Energy Class, and also, Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San, who wanted to sit in between you guys, actually.

So, I welcome you. I welcome you to the first practical Free Energy Class, and I am sure that we will have a lot of fun together. Actually, I was planning today to also do several three-on-one discussions, but due to time limitations and the light going away quickly, we will not be able to do that, here – at least, in this space.

So, either you are all invited back to the resting area, that which you call ‘a house’ today, to continue the three-on-ones, or we can do that tomorrow, of course. We will see how much information you can still put inside of your little heads.

So, anyway, before we go onto the practical, here is a couple of things I need to tell you. And I must say, I have been following how your days are progressing. It is natural for me to do so, since this island, the Big Island, on which we are now, is the place where I have always been stationed, and it is my home. I like it here a lot.

I must say that I think when I see you think that what you are doing these last few days is really running around in circles, but the circles that you are running around in are getting wider every day. So, at a certain point, you will get tired of running because the circles will become so big that you won’t get all the way across, before you get into an insight; before you run into a moment of insight, you see.

So, what you have been doing the last few days is a very nice build-up. It is just the beginning, and, of course, you know that the high point of this will be the 29th, the 29th of September, when you will run into the dolphins and when you will run into the closing off of the 9-9-9 portal, only to be drawn into that area of three months’ time, where things will be so very different for all of you.

How to work with Akene and Akenet

But what I really wanted to talk to you about, before we get into the practical side, is the way the Akene and the Akenet actually work from a practical level. Because, you see, if you want to send and receive information, if you want to do things with your akeneic web or your Akenet, you are going to have to need a method, especially in the beginning.

Hello, how are you doing?

You will need a method, and then, after that, you will start letting go of the method, and you will get into the free zone, the free area, where you can just rumble around and do things any way you see fit.

I must say, you are making me all quite drunk at the moment. Your energy is so refreshing. It is so very open. You are very open to receive what is about to come, and this always make me tipsy.

So, anyway. The Akenet. You know by now because Da Lemuaya San has been telling you about this, he is also the energy that brought me in today, by the way, that transported me from 4 years into the future to this point in the future, in the timeline, which is now the future. – It wasn’t the future this morning!

Anyway. If you want to work with the Akenet, you are going to need a set of visuals that you will use to project what you are actually doing onto your senses, you see. And how can you do this? It is very simple.

Say, for instance, that three people are together, and three people want to communicate to each other, using the Akenet. What can you do then? It is very simple. I give you an example.

You have the three people standing in a triangle, one on each end of the triangle. And these three people want to communicate a message to each other. Say that the person standing at the point of the triangle is looking at the two people standing at the other two points. And she wants to communicate. How do you do this? You close your eyes, or you keep them open, but I would say, close your eyes, and you just go to that akeneic, divine energy that is already within you. You have already done this. You just go to the akeneic energy that is within you, right?

And I usually, when I was learning this a long time ago, I usually see it as a sphere, a sphere of brilliant golden light; fire coming off, like there’s a star inside of you. You know, once you get close to the sun, you see the portal that is the sun, and you see this huge, huge light pouring out. And there is solar bursts and everything going on. Well, this is the energy of the Akene, which is inside of you, you see?

In linearity now, you would think that you would have to transmit from your akeneic star to another’s. That is not the way it works.

So, this person stands up and he goes to the other two people, and you just go into that Akene sensation. You just go into that Akene feeling. And what you do, is you don’t just see your own, feel your own, you feel all three, the three people.

And then, what you do, once you are ready to communicate, once you are ready to put your message out there, you just let your akeneic cell go to the center of that triangle. You just let it go forward, and you see the other two coming forward, too.

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