The Study of Vibration | Session 161

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SUMMARY - As the information-packed, week-long 2007 lemurian retreat continues to evolve, Da Jeshua San, the imzaia fellowship, and the international group of visiting students travel to Ka Lae Apuki, via the Chain of Craters Road, on Big Island, Hawaii. There, where the asphalt road comes to an end and is swallowed up by lava due to a volcanic eruption in the 1970s, the group of travelers disembark and spend the following one and a half hours in the company of Da Pah Ekara San.

In this fascinating talk, which is followed by a Q&A opportunity, Da Pah Ekara San starts by continuing the “story of Ekara and Eja’e” that he began in Session 153, but quickly evolves into a much larger exploration of a past era of earth history, which preceded even the lemurian civilization, yet still very strongly impacts human society today. A Session that is most definitely not to be missed.

TITLE - The Power of Lava, Part 1 / The Power of Lava, Part 2 (Q&A)

SERIES - The Cosmic Manifest

AUTHOR - Da Pah Ekara San

RECORDED - Ka Lae Apuki, Chain of Craters Road, Big Island, Hawaii | September 26, 2007


And so it is.

Greetings, beloved, and welcome to this most wonderful of spaces.

Before we get into what we need to get into today, I just want to tell you how funny it is that every single time when this Jeshua energy here goes into Ekaraia, he thinks he needs to make a difference between the time that he is talking and the time that I am talking, while there never is a difference, of course. As you know I myself, naming myself ‘Da Pah Ekara San’, talk to you from a point of perspective 38’000 years ago in the past, in that, which was the old Lemuria, and also at the same time, about a couple of years, just four years in your timeline, into the future. And it is these timelines that we are now blending when we get into the now.

So, this energy, this carrier of Christ Consciousness, is much similar to my energy, is much similar to the Christ Consciousness I carry, and you all carry, in fact. So, I am just a name, just a name, but I am much bigger than that, for I am you, and you are all me. It is similar, and that is why you are all my beloved.

Lava – the Creation of New Energy

And look where we find each other, sitting here on the lava, on the molten lava that seemed to have destroyed so many things not so long ago. But actually, this is the creation of new energy. This lava that you see here, that you are experiencing now and you will experience some more as time progresses, is basically the beginning of new cycles of energy. And that is what you are feeling, as you entered these grounds, as you entered this area. Some of you felt something going on in the heart, did you not? You felt something going on in the thymus. And what you felt is basically the beginning of a new cycle of energy. It is that, which is called ‘free energy’, of course. This is the new cycle that is beginning inside of all of you.

And today, we will also continue with the topic of free energy and we will have time for questions and we will actually make some time for two or three-on-one conversations. You will see what I mean with that when we get to that point.

The Story of Ekara and Eja’e

But before we get there, I want to tell you a story. Actually, the last time that I started this story we weren’t in Hawaii at all, were we? We were in the United States. And you will never hear me say that the United States and Hawaii have anything to do with one another. It is just a territory now that they have claimed, but this is not the United States. This is five hours flying from the United States.

So, we started this story out, the story of Da Pah Ekara San and Da Eja’e San, we started out this story in Nevada, in fact, in the vicinity of Las Vegas, Mount Charleston, Cathedral Rock. And we were sitting in a vortex, Fellowship! Do you remember this, the beauty of that vortex? Any time that I just dared to speak the name ‘Eja’e San’, the winds would come blazing in, the winds that showed us where we were at that time. And I promised you all then that I would tell you a story in three parts, the story of love, joy and freedom, based on the connection that I once shared with the energy of Da Eja’e San. And I will not go into the old story again. It is there on your worldwide web or in written form. And you can listen to it and you can read it, if you want to. But I will continue with it. The only thing that I will repeat before I continue is that I as Da Pah Ekara San back then was living the life of a Prince because I was the next in line at that time to govern the freedom, the love and the joy that was there to be found in Lemuria.

But you must understand that when we use the words ‘prince’, when we use the word ‘king’, when we use the word ‘president’ even – and I have told this many times, and I will say so again – we do not mean having any type of authority over others. A couple of days ago, you were in the Valley of the Kings, Waipi’o Valley, on the northeast side of the island here, on Big Island, Hawaii. And many a king was buried there; many a queen. I know that when people talk about this they talk about Hawaiian kings. I am talking about Lemurian kings.

What is a Lemurian King? It is very simple. It is someone who strives all his or her life to create improvement in the life of others. It is very simple: it is about finding a space, whether this space be a piece of land; whether this space be an animal that is taking up this space; whether it is consciousness taking up the space of a human – it is about finding a space – and not just without, also within – and then doing all you can do to improve that space.

Is this not the role of a creator? Is this not the role of a king? Is this not the way of sovereignty? And, as Da Jeshua San was telling you before this Ekaraia started, is this not the way of forgiveness and reconciliation and reintegration, as he was telling you? To for-give. What we in Lemuria knew as a basic law of our existence, a basic truth that would form these laws of universal love, freedom, and joy, is that you are always the action. You are never the reaction. You never wait for others to do something for you that you could do onto them first.

And this is the actual meaning when Da Jeshua San a long, long time ago said the simple words, “Before the grace of you go I.” And not just him; many, many others have said this in the past, the blessed Mother Mary San as well. Before the grace of you go I. I am divine grace – always – when I am the action that I initiate myself to improve something in your life, especially if you understand that our life is connected through divinity, through going beyond illusion, through the Akene, as Da Lemuaya San has told you just the other day.

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