The Study of Vibration | Session 162

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SUMMARY - Session 162 is a most precious record of a unique moment that you are invited to share with Da Pah Ekara San and all imzaia.

It stands out for countless reasons. It is a portal into the moment in space and time that has been called, in many previous Sessions, the 9-9-9 Ceremony, and, as such, it can be said that much of your previous efforts have lead to this moment, and all of your future efforts will be born from this moment, if you let it be.

Recorded on the ocean near Kona, Kailua, on Big Island, Hawaii, on a chartered boat, surrounded by dolphins, whales, and turtles, Da Pah Ekara San invites you to join him for what can be considered one of the simplest of Sessions recorded so far, yet one of the most profound.

Those entering this portal of the 9-9-9 Ceremony should be aware of – and should prepare for – the scope and the awesome reach of not merely the words that are offered here by Da Pah Ekara San but of the vow that you will be invited to make therein.

It is therefore strongly recommended to the student that takes this 9-9-9 Ceremony with the divinity in which it is being offered to first experience this Ceremony through all the senses by listening, then to experience it a second time through reading while listening, and to ultimately experience it a third time through one’s self-expression by reading it out loud to oneself and/or others.

TITLE - The 9-9-9 Ceremony

SERIES - The Cosmic Manifest

AUTHOR - Da Pah Ekara San

RECORDED - On the open ocean near Kona, Big Island, Hawaii | September 27, 2007


Greetings, my beloved, and welcome to all of you on this very special day, this very special energy where we blend our hearts together with the ocean life, with the life in the sky, with the life on the land and, of course, with all life that exists in the realms of light.

A special gateway has been opened on September 9th, a special portal. The end of times, as they have been predicted, have finally arrived. The end of times, as we have known them based on what society has taught us, how to live, how to exist, how to behave, is all coming to an end. Time is opening and space is opening now for the true human, the true free energy human to come in. And what else is a free energy human, Imzaia, but that, which you would call a ‘Lemurian’? So, get used to these times; get used to the movement of the waters, for this is basically free energy.

No longer you will be defining yourselves with those things you know are true, but you only know these things are true because other people have told you. Once you are here on the water, you cannot predict the waves, much in the same way as you cannot predict the movement of the candle flame, you see. It is all free energy, so it is about going with the flow; about all of these other things.

You are the Action and Never the Reaction

And today, the last day of the 9-9-9 portal, we are now closing off that, which we knew and opening our hearts for the next phase, the next step in human evolution. I am not going to be talking today about the next steps. I have been talking many a great deal about these next steps, the coming three months, how they are the closing off energy and after that, the opening of something new, the 1-1-1 portal at the beginning of January. Today I want to focus on this moment right here and right now.

I have brought you all here so that you all can (much in the same way as I will) take your vows, if you will, your vows to make the next reality a reality, to make it happen, so to speak. And where do you make this happen? Do you make it happen in the outside world? Do you make it happen in the way you interact with others? No, no, it just begins with you; it just begins within your very heart. It begins right there. How do you look upon yourself? How do you look upon your life? How do you look upon others? What is your vision of this planet and how are you going to make that a reality? Very simple by keeping it in your heart and then not just keeping it there, but taking it down into your belly where your action kakra is and then putting that into action each and every moment.

I have told you before that come January 28th, 2008, I for myself and, of course, also this messenger who is speaking now, have decided to no longer define myself by space and time. I have always been a servant to the Lemurian energy, and the Lemurian energy is based on three simple principles: the principle of love, universal love, the principle of universal freedom, and the principle of universal joy. But you cannot carry these principles in your heart if you cannot find them in others. You have been learning about the Akene; you have been learning about all of these things. If you cannot see in others what you hope to find in yourself, well, then there is no continuing this path, is there?

It is not about finding it in others. It is not about looking in others and then seeing the things that are going on in there. It is about deciding that it is there, you see because it is always there. It is always there in anyone you see. It is very important to understand this that you are the action and never the reaction, especially not when it comes to this 3D reality. There are other levels of existence; there are other spaces, yes, but in this space that you are in right now, decide to be the action at all times. From that energy you can create your day; you can create a better space, a better planet, a better reality for all people. So, let us now focus on this.

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