The Study of Vibration | Session 163

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SUMMARY - In this Session, Da Pah Ekara San introduces the concept of the Trinity Talk, a method of interaction beyond the confines of linear space and linear time by expressing and experiencing reality through free energy and the akene.

Taking part in a Trinity Talk puts you, no matter where you are when you experience this Session, at the heart of the conversation, allowing you to connect with this moment in time in ways that many that have done so previously have reported very surprising, quantum entanglement like results.

With Da Pah Ekara San beginning and closing the conversation, this Trinity Talk is also features the presence of Da Lemuaya San, Da Tobias San, and Da Ejakasan’da Kuthumi Valen San. It was recorded in Kealakekua Bay, on Big Island, Hawaii.

TITLE - Trinity Talk on Sacred Geometry

SERIES - The Cosmic Manifest

AUTHOR - Da Pah Ekara San

RECORDED - Kealakekua Bay, Big Island, Hawaii | September 29, 2007


And so it is.

Greetings, my beloved Imzaia, I Am that I Am Da Pah Ekara San, Sovereign Servant of those Universal Principles, and thus, Lemurian Principles you know, such as love, joy, and freedom.

We are here today gathered, all of us, in what will be the beginning of a new space that is going to be created for many people, many people on Earth – new potential, new energy, new openings so to speak. This concept that we know that we have been introducing to you called ‘Trinity Talks’ is not a new one; it is not a concept that is based on today; it is a concept that is based on things taking place on this planet Earth and on other planets, such as this one a long, long time ago. Only today we are bringing it back to the foreground because this is for the very first time on this planet Earth that energy that is coming in can constantly create new potentials, new possibilities.

And how are we doing this? We are not doing it through the old ways. We are not transmitting this energy to you by means of just one channel, just one medium, like the body that I am sitting in right now. This is no longer the way it works. In this new energy space that we have all created, this information is coming in through that, which you have now called ‘the Akenet’. And that means that it is direct Akene energy; it is based on tachyon energy. It goes beyond time; it goes beyond space, and that is why I want to make sure that not just the people sitting here today, but also those that are going to be listening in at a later point, that all of you understand that this energy is being created by all of you.

Trinity Talk Explained

This means that even if you are going to be listening to this at a later time – if you are going to be sitting on the other side of the planet listening to this in five days, or in twenty days or in one hundred days, it matters not – that if you connect your Akene to this point in time, to the energy of this ‘Trinity Talk’, that you have the ability to steer it, to influence it, to be a part of it. And you will notice – those people sitting at the other side of the planet, or wherever on this planet – you will notice that if you connect your Akene that it will be possible to ask a question, and that, in one way or the other, this question will be answered in the course of this talk. It will either be asked by the two sitting opposite me or it will be answered directly through something that I will say. It might not be the exact same information that you are looking for, but you will find your answer in this type of trinity talk. And this is the way that new potentials are being created at any given second of time and space.

So, how do we set this up for those who are not seeing what we are seeing right now? It is very simple: we create a triangle. My energy sitting right here, at the bottom of the triangle, and from my perspective two others sitting left and to the right, in front of me, who are ready to enter into a talk, enter into an exchange with the energy that is coming in, which is me at this point. Once these people are done talking, once you both have asked your questions, you can get up if you are ready, and someone else can take your place. I am just saying this so the people who are at home right now can understand what is going to take place, you see?

But before we go into this, I would like to take the time with the both of you, and I welcome both of you in this space, this sacred Trinity Space of free energy. I would like to take the time with both of you to open up the Akene. How do we do this? Simple: we go to the thymus, and in our thymus we know that there is the infinity cell, the cell of divinity, the spark of God. If you close your eyes, some of you might notice that you are seeing triangles right now, triangles of energy. This is the geometric pattern that you are seeing that is based on free energy. I cannot tell you why exactly, but free energy is always based on trinity. Free energy is always based on this triangular pattern with, of course, the Akene running in between it, so you have a circle in the triangle, and within that circle you will find the infinity sign. This is usually the geometric position that free energy takes when it is ready to open itself up. And from that point onward, it can go anywhere.

So, find this now, find this geometry, this sacred geometry now within yourself and feel how that divine star holding so much energy, holding so much power, so much empowerment as well, is present there right in your chest. And you are aware, of course, that what you are feeling within yourself is also present within other people, those people listening in, the two sitting together here with me. And it is not just about another type of cell being in another person, it is the same cell – remember this always.

And as we connect these three akeneic representations of power and energy, let them come forward now to the center of this triangle so that these three cells, which are just reflections of the one, now become one… and there we are! Namaste! Namaste!

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