The Study of Vibration | Session 164

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SUMMARY - On the last day of the New Lemurian retreat on Big Island, Hawaii, Da Jeshua San takes the attendees on a long trek of Big Island, arriving at an unknown beach. There, the group of private students and visiting students makes contact with a beloved Sea Turtle that exits the waves to connect with the group for a while before departing again.

The experience leaves everyone in silence. After a while, as everyone gathers around Da Jeshua San who is sitting on the sand near the ocean, in the welcome shadow of the palm trees that are spread around, Da Pah Ekara San arrives to deliver this important lecture on manifesting free energy.

TITLE - Manifesting Free Energy

SERIES - The Cosmic Manifest

AUTHOR - Da Pah Ekara San

RECORDED - Big Island, Hawaii | September 30, 2007


And so it is.

Greetings, my beloved Imzaia. On this glorious of spaces we come together to close the circle that we have opened just a little while ago. We are near the waters. The sand is covering our feet, and the light is touching our eyes. I am that I am Da Pah Ekara San and I am here to bring you an energy class, a Free Energy Class that is going to be based on three different aspects today.

I will begin with a relatively short Ekaraia on the subject of manifesting free energy. After that, we will do a Trinity Talk on a similar subject, but we will expand the energy that we all together will have brought in at that point. And then, as a third segment of today, I will hand over the teaching to all of you as you will find a partner or two partners and team up to teach each other about manifesting free energy.

Now, you have all heard about the concept of free energy. And yesterday, when we were doing the first Trinity Talk, it was very interesting indeed the things we came up with together. You know that the things that we brought in yesterday, the things about Sacred Geometry and the things about creating this triangle, and within that space a circular event, and within that circular event space (which goes beyond time and space anyway) creating an infinity event that will create space where none existed before. This is the way a true hologram works. It needs no space; it needs no time; it needs almost no energy to create an event, an event that you would call β€˜life’, for what else is life than this coming together of trinity, circularity, and infinity building up, creating the hologram that you see before you?

But before we go on to manifestation of free energy and before we have the time to talk to all of you about this, I want to share something with you.

A Different Voice

As I was coming in, into this body, into this timeline where we now sit together at the end of September 2007, there was a different voice calling me in. It was a different voice altogether. Usually when I come into spaces such as this one, finding groups such as yours, there is an uncertainty. There is a need to know. There is a need for information. Today as I came in, there was a different type of energy wave that was bringing me down, so to speak, that was brining me down to these materialized vibrations that you all sit in. And it was the I Am Presence. It was the I Am Awareness. And it is starting to glow within all of you. There is no exception. Even those who are not here right now, even those who are having the wonderful experience with the turtle, the honu, they also show the first lights, the first blossoming of I Am Awareness.

And there is nothing special that you had to do for this. There is no training required for this. There are no steps that you needed to take. It is about becoming. It is about choosing to be that which you want to be. And today, the voice that called upon me, that showed me the way in, the Towers of Light, the Lighthouses that you all are, the tune that it was playing was very simple, but very, very strong and it went as follows:

I Am ready to be of the highest service to this planet.
I Am a Warrior of the Light.
I Am aware that I have always been here, always guiding, always helping, always shifting.
I Am Awareness in the highest expression of Self.
I Am that I Am that I Am and I Am ready.

And as you all are ready, so I am ready to teach you about actual close contact, divine contact with this Free Energy Principle.

Now, in the last few days you have heard a lot about free energy. It has stimulated some to start the creation of a universe within themselves. It has stimulated others into frustration because all of a sudden a lot of information was coming in, a lot of information that might be difficult to handle at first because it is one thing to hear all of these things; it is another to experience them in reality.

What you heard yesterday as we were doing the Trinity Talk was information that is based on a free energy world. And the world you are sitting in right now is not yet this free energy world – or is it? The question again becomes then: What lives inside of your heart? What lives inside of your soul? What is the expression of self that comes out of you with every breath that you let go? What is the expression of purposefulness that comes into you with every breath that you take?

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