The Study of Vibration | Session 166

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SUMMARY - This Session was presented in private, to a group of direct students of Da Jeshua San, while residing in Kealakekua Bay, on Big Island, Hawaii.

With a period of almost two weeks having passed between the previous recording and this one, and with the Lemurian retreat now in the past, one could argue that Session 166, in many ways, marks the humble start of a new phase of metaphysical tuition within the Study of Vibration series of classes, leading to the presentation of the impactful mini-series within the SOV, the Mastering the Grand Illusions series, which starts a few Sessions from this one.

“The Original Thought” is the name that Da Jeshua San originally attached to this Session; we will leave it up to the perspective of you, the student, having traveled with Da Jeshua San and Da Pah Ekara San in this Session, to understand why.

The Session concludes with a Questions & Answers moment for the students in attendance. As always, before starting the Session as well as during the Session run itself, you can work with this material holofractographically, via the One Akene, in order to partake in the active, infinite moment that is presented herein.

TITLE - The Original Thought

SERIES - The Cosmic Manifest

AUTHOR - Da Pah Ekara San

RECORDED - Kealakekua Bay, Big Island, Hawaii | October 12, 2007


Greetings, my beloved, I am, yes I am Da Pah Ekara San, Sovereign Servant of Free Energy, a bringer of universal love, universal joy and universal freedom. And as these things are alive in you, and as I can say, “I am that I am,” I can tell you: you are that you are… you.

What is this ‘you’ concept? What is this thing you call ‘your self’? You give it a name; you give it an identity, a personality. You give it attributes and you tell yourself that everyday you wake up in line with these attributes. And then there are days that you don’t wake up in line at all. You wake up totally in what you would today call a ‘mess’. You think of yourself and you look at your lives and you believe that you are going the wrong way; that you are not following this concept that is you at all. And especially this group that I’m talking to tonight should understand that you are always in line with who you truly are.

The Concept of You

So, let’s examine the concept of you. The last few weeks you have found out more about you, have you not? You have found out who you truly are, what is your soul essence. And you have given this soul essence a name. You have given this another personality; you have given it an identity. Isn’t it so that the true you exists beyond all these things? Isn’t it so that the true you exists beyond the flesh, that which you call ‘form’? Isn’t it so that this true energy that is you exists within the heart?

And you have explored the heart as ‘Ambassadors of Free Energy’ (that is what you call yourselves these days). You have explored the heart, and as you have, you have found within your heart the heart of the other, and within the heart of the other, you have found a certain type of consciousness that you are calling ‘Imzaia Consciousness’. You might as well call it ‘Shaumbra’; you might as well call it ‘Lightworker’; you might as well call it ‘Christ’, the ‘Christ Consciousness’. It is alive in all of you. It is beating, wanting to come out. It exists within the blood that is running through your veins. And if this is true, are you not the Holy Grail? Are you not this thing that you have been searching for so very long? You have been looking for it in that space that you call ‘Avalon’. You have been looking for it on all these different planets, in all these different incarnations, and finally you came to Earth to look for it here. Again we tell you, it is present within. It is present within your blood, and as your blood connects all of you to everything that is your body, so you can truly say that you are an aspect of Christ Consciousness.

We will go deeper into this concept of ‘you’ tonight. There is a lot that can be said about this, but first, first I want to invite all of you. I want to invite you to a memory, to go into a memory. It is not a memory that you will find in your brain; it is not a memory even that you will find in your heart; it is a memory that you will find in unity consciousness. Travel with me. Travel with me, together with all of your guides, all of yourselves, all of your aspects. It is a memory that exists beyond the universe. It is the energy that has created this universe. It is that which you call ‘the big bang’.

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