The Study of Vibration | Session 167

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SUMMARY - Imagine being on the wooden deck of a place called Dreamland Farm, located on the cliffs overlooking Kealakekua Bay, on Big Island, Hawaii.

You are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and it is the middle of the night. Frogs are croaking all around you, twigs snap in the distance, the sound of the waves crashing is never far away. The warm breeze that caresses your cheeks almost makes you oblivious to the fact that nature is all powerfully surrounding you and that the night reveals a hidden part of that nature, surrounding you but also within, that you may never have felt before.

Such were the conditions under which this brilliant ekaraia session by Da Pah Ekara San was expressed unto a group of direct student and private guests, all of whom now invite you into their midst to take part in an experience that, up until its release today, in 2022, has remained personal and private.

TITLE - Dreamland Farm (Private Class, unreleased until 2022)

SERIES - The Cosmic Manifest

AUTHOR - Da Pah Ekara San

RECORDED - Dreamland Farm, Big Island, Hawaii | October 21, 2007


And so it is.

Greetings, my beloved family. I am that I am, Da Pah Ekara San, Sovereign Servant of Free Energy – and with Free Energy, of course, we mean the Universal Love that is present within all of us; the Universal Joy that we live by every single day; and the Universal Freedom, paving the path everywhere we go.

When I say, ‘greetings to my beloved family’, I do mean this. This is a family reunion, a coming together of spirit, energy, and matter, obviously, the matter, in which all of you sit. And this coming together is something that has been foretold, not planned for but foretold, put within the potential of All That Is.

As always when things like this finally materialize, there is a great joy; there is a great bliss, support from every single angle that you can imagine. And, of course, in a multidimensional existence, there are many such angles, much more than you will find in 3D.

All of you sitting here tonight, and myself and so many others, are part of this creation, part of what you would call a ‘manifestation’, manifestation that is never based on thought energy, on the energy of the mind. It is always based on the energy of the heart.

The Sovereign Circle of Support

And as I am speaking these words, I would like to let you know, as you are probably feeling that I am not alone in carrying these words. All of you are carrying them as well. And at the same time, as these words are being spoken, I would like to invite all of you to feel the sovereign circle of support that is coming in through your very hearts. Some would call this an ‘entourage’; others would call these ‘master energies’, ‘angelic energies’, and you know all of their names. They are your guides. They are your loved ones – past, present, and future. They are alive within your very cells.

I would like to place your focus, if only for a minute, on this sovereign circle of support, for it are these beings that have worked a great deal in the last few years, ever since each and every one of you was born onto this planet Earth. Worked a great deal, indeed, to put you all in the right timelines, to put you all on the right paths, so that you would have the opportunity to step into the power that is now coming out of you, flowing out of you, based on the choices that you have all made.

Who is then this sovereign circle of support? You would say that these are the master energies, masters such as Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San and such as many, many others, yes, but you are also part of this circle. You are also part of this great unification, this wholeness. And, as you know, unification can only happen when the most important foundation of all, the support of Da Terra San or Da Gaia San, the mother herself, is present. You cannot do anything on this plane of existence without the support of the mother, and she lives within each and every one of you.

So, this sovereign circle of support is based on her energy. We are all based on her energy. She is not just the creator of this planet. She is the creator of all matter. And people oftentimes do not see this. They will look at an object, for instance, an object, such as this table. And they will say, it is man-made; it is created by humanity. The glass has been neatly folded into the specific patterning it needs. It is not so. Everything you see around you, all the clothing that you are wearing, everything that you are eating, and even your bodies themselves, are Earth, are Da Gaia San.

So, in a way, you could say, my beloved family, that this is, indeed, Da Gaia San, coming together in all these different aspects that are sitting here across you.

So, take a moment, before we actually go on, to look into each other’s eyes, and to find there the strength, the power, the unity, the wholeness, and the support that is reflected back to you. This is the universe looking right at you, from a different vantage point, from a different perspective.

This is, indeed, looking into the eyes of your very self at any given moment of time.

It is difficult, of course, as you wake up every single day, as you wake up into 3D, as you are latched onto and latch on to the mind. It happens every day. Your energy will be free. It will be soaring around. It will be doing what it needs to do. And then the day will come again, the moment when you open your eyes, and suddenly, the grid of reality, of matter, snaps back into place, and you see yourself. You look at yourself and you say, “I am this person. I am this hand. I am this leg. I am this face I am now looking at. I am myself as I am sitting on the toilet, as I am preparing myself to get into this day of mine, as I look into my planning, as I look into everything that I need to do. And so, there you have it: this is my day. I am locked within the grid.”

And as you lock yourself in the grid, as you define yourself by your very body, not looking towards energy, not looking towards all the potentials that you have for that day, you allow thoughts to come in, thoughts that are not really your own; thoughts that are part of the mind.

“Oh, yes, yes, Da Pah Ekara San, why are you speaking of these things? We know these things. We understand these things. We have been going through these things. We have been writing about these things. We give classes about these things.”

Yes, yes, you do, but you don’t understand yet that the greatest class you are giving, is the class you are giving yourself, and it is called ‘your life’.

As you look into the eyes of other people, then you truly see what these teachings are all about. It is just connecting, connecting to yourself by connecting to the other. And here we have a family connection, here we have a family reunion taking place.

We could talk about many things. We could give you information about the Akene. We could tell you the latest about geometry – as if there is a ‘latest’. It is all there, always, within the heart.

But today, as this is an energy that is coming in and being created solely for the people who are sitting here tonight – and some others who will join you at a later time – I would like to take the opportunity to say that one part of that which you call ‘the Class of Life’, is over, and the first part of the Class of Life was basically the ‘clash’ of life, the clash of all this energy, everything that you had to go through, all the patterning that you had set up for yourselves throughout the years that you have been on this planet.

And this patterning has taken all of you, each and everybody sitting here, to a different space than you thought you would be in. I mean, look at yourselves! Look at where you are! You are in Hawaii. It’s a place that you never thought you would visit at a certain point in your lives, let alone live there; let alone spread the word of Love there, spread the work of Love there.

So, all of you have broken through so much patterning, and it is still going on. I would like to remind you, and also the others who, I am requested to say, are now putting their hands on your heart, on your head, and on your belly, and on your feet, I and all the others have assisted you, guided you in sovereign service once again, not as someone or some type of energy that is above you. We don’t even consider ourselves equal in the fullest possible way of the word. We see ourselves as supporting you, as, indeed, in a space that is not below, not in a hierarchical way, but supporting you. You are the ones jumping into bodies every single day. You are the ones taking on the challenge of life, taking on the challenge of 3D, going through all that patterning.

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