The Study of Vibration | Session 168

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SUMMARY - In the morning of the final day of their stay on Big Island, Hawaii, Da Jeshua San and the direct students in the imzaia fellowship gather in the garden of their temporary home in Kealakekua Bay to record the Session you are about to experience.

Presented by Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San, this recording, originally titled From Void to Abundance, became an instant classic and traveled far… maybe because of the personal and vulnerable approach in which Da Adamus San shares some of his past with the student body, or perhaps it is because of the vital truth shared herein.

TITLE - From Void to Abundance

SERIES - The Cosmic Manifest

AUTHOR - Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San

RECORDED - Kealakekua Bay, Big Island, Hawaii | November 1, 2007


And so it is.

Greetings, everybody. I am that I am Da Ojadasan’ka Adamus Valen San, cosmic buddy to all life in this universe. And when I speak of ‘all life in this universe’, I want to bid all of you a good morning in this beautiful area that we are sitting in right now, Kealakekua Bay, ‘Pathway to the Gods’ in the old Hawaiian language. And isn’t it so that in the last weeks that you have been here you have indeed gotten closer to your divine self, to your God self?

It didn’t always seem that way, my dear Imzaia, it didn’t always seem that way. Sometimes it felt as though when you were trying to get closer to yourself, you were getting further removed from yourself. But that was just the illusion because the self that you were trying to connect to has nothing to do with the self that you have always seen as the core of you, the core of your personality, you see.

People on this planet Earth speak a lot about the concept of ‘self’. And then you’ve got the notion of being self-ish. You see, this self that is part of the selfish is an energy that works very much like science today thinks a black hole works. It sucks energy towards it; it keeps energy very close to itself, trying to consume it as it comes in. And people do this with love; they do it with joy, and they do it with freedom.

You will probably notice, once you look in society, that if you are feeling good about yourself, if you are having a good day – like I always have a good day – that people tend to suck that energy away from you, and not just people; especially people that are put in positions of power. And when I mean ‘power’, dear Imzaia, I do not necessarily mean people that are police officers or people that are security officers. I mean people that are put in a position of power over you.

Selfishness draws energy away, but this is not the self that I and all the others want to talk about today. The real core self that is part of who you truly are, the real core self that is part of your essence, that is part of your higher self, isn’t a black hole energy at all; it isn’t an energy that sucks energy towards it. It is a source of energy, you see. It keeps pushing energy out of itself because this energy is indeed abundant.

The Notion of Abundance

And to talk about the core self, I must talk about the notion of abundance, and this is a very important notion indeed, for it is something that so many people who call themselves ‘enlightened seekers’, so many people that call themselves ‘Imzaia’ or ‘Shaumbra’ — I have a lot of contact with the Shaumbra energy) or ‘Lightworkers’ (I also have a lot of contact there, as I am a part of that which you would call ‘the Group’, you see) — a lot of people are calling ‘abundance’ something that should come towards them. In the seventies on this planet Earth… Ah, the good old seventies! Do you remember the disco? Do you remember the dancing? I do! I do! But in the seventies, you had the notion of abundance defined as the following sentence: Sit back and let the universe come towards you. Sit back and get ready to receive.

Now, this was a wrong translation of energy indeed. Abundance has nothing to do with receiving. Abundance has nothing to do with waiting for the universe to be your waiter, so to speak, to deliver everything on a platter to you; has nothing to do with that.

Abundance has to do with being the source of all things, the heart of all things, the soul, the creation, the grace of all things, you see. True abundance, dear Imzaia, is something that comes from within. It doesn’t come from without; it is not something that you are going to receive like a package in the mail that you just have to wait for. It is not something that you have to sit back for, just relax and let it happen, like you do every morning in the bathroom. It is something that is always within, always.

You are an infinite source of universal energy. There is nothing that can deplete you. There is nothing that can take you down. There is nothing that can suck the life away from you, as some would have you believe, nothing! You are a universal source of energy. And as you have been learning about the Akene and the connection to the Akenet, you will learn that this source of abundance will continue to grow from within, not from without. And that means that you should change the perspective that you have on your life. Everything that is around you is indeed being created from you.

I noticed as this group was getting ready for the Ekaraia that two of you were standing in the sun, enjoying the sun, eyes closed, hearts open, ready to receive, ready to pull that solar energy, that warmth, that life force energy into your being. I would like to change your perspective on this. I would like to change it for each and every one of you. What you just did as you connected to the sun, as you connected to the energy of the sun, is not drawing energy in. You were sending energy out! You see, that is the way it always works. This tree that you see here behind me, the palm trees of this beautiful Hawaii that are standing right there, the waves that you hear in the distance, the birds that are chattering away, the house that is standing there, the grass beneath your feet – the list goes on and on and on – the clouds in the sky, the sun in the sky, the stars in the sky, the planets in the sky, the veritable cosmos itself is drawing energy from you, you see, because you are the conscious creator. You are the one creating the universe and all the other universes around. You are the one creating All That Is. You see what we mean with that? You are always the one that is the source of abundance, the source of life, and everything that is around you is being created, at least in part, by you.

Now, Da Pah Ekara San a long time ago has told you about un-shattering yourselves through time and space. He has told you that if you are in a specific piece of space and a specific piece of time that you should no longer try to send your energy or connect your energy to all the other places that you share a connection with on this planet. If you are in a specific country, for instance, it is pointless to try and communicate through your technological devices, he said, with all the others around the planet.

But why did he say this? It is not because we don’t like technology. It is not because we are prejudiced, we have judgements about technology; not at all. What it is about is that you are learning how to be a free energy human or, as it has been called, a ‘new energy human’. You are learning how to work with this within you, this Akene thing that you have inside of you. You are learning to work with your energy in a completely new way, you see. As you do this, it is very important to learn how to bring all the energy inside of you again because this is what the new energy quantum leap, the change that is happening on this planet Earth, is basically all about. It is about un-shattering yourselves. It is about reclaiming all that energy that you have spread around. Reclaim it! Take it back because you haven’t given it away freely. You haven’t given it away based on free will. You have given it away based on a set of wrong parameters, you see.

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