The Study of Vibration | Session 248

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Session 248, originally titled “The White Bridge” when it was first released in 2010, introduces Da Lorien San, First One of the Akonai, or the Undefined, who invites the akeyasan ascension student on an inter-dimensional journey, focused on the pineal gland, and connected to the Akene in the heart space.

The experience offered in this Study Session will allow you to, together with Da Lorien San, create a metaphysical bridge that leads from the 144 akeneic cells in your chest to the center of your head, the pineal gland.

Da Lorien San invites the student to make a choice, to let go of the past, to release who one thinks one is, and to step through the White Gate that is the pineal gland, embarking into the Undefined.

This is a direct, powerful, and straightforward experience, which has the potential to affect your beingness in a positive and empowering way. Due to the nature of this Session, it is important that you prepare yourself to undertake this journey by making yourself comfortable and taking the right amount of time out of your day for it.

Join Da Lorien San for this one and a half hour long “inner” dimensional journey, focusing on the soul, the Akonai (head center area / pineal gland), the Akene (heart center area / thymus / solar plexus), the full spectrum of 2 biological and 142 energy strands of your DNA, and more.

“Come now… and move into the charged mass of yourself, your particles, and into the vast and empty spaces that exist between the neurosynaptic pathways of the brain, between the quantum particles of the akeneic cells and the akeneic DNA in your chest.” (Da Lorien San).

Originally Titled:

“The White Bridge” | Alchemy of Ascension series