The Study of Vibration | Session 249

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This Session, originally titled “The Ascended Senses” in 2009, is presented by Da Pah Ekara San and was recorded as a 1 hour and 40 minutes long video feature presentation.

As it follows directly behind Session 248, guided by Da Lorien San, this Session starts by discussing the shift from the pineal gland to the pineal lobe and assists the akeyasan student in completing the triality of the Akonai kakra (pineal lobe) and the Akene kakra (thymus / solar plexus) by connecting them to the third kakra or Adonai (stomach / sexual center).

Moving into the main topic, the restoration of one’s ascended senses, Da Pah Ekara San explains that, due to the lockdown of humanity’s 142 energetic DNA strands, leaving only 2 active physical ones, humanity has been unable to access the non-physical or ascended senses. As such, humanity lost its ability to properly navigate this reality as well as others. However, when one reactivates one’s complete DNA template, which is part of the ascension process, the ascended senses will become accessible again.

Da Pah Ekara San explains that there are 12 ascended senses or energy senses, which form the angelic body and are always in divine geometry. Each ascended sense is connected to 12 of 144 DNA strands. They are active reality creation tools.

Unlike the physical senses, the ascended senses or energy centers must be seen as impersonal for them to work properly. They are a means to help one choose whether the reality one is creating around oneself is truly what one wants to experience or not, given the fact that reality is much more connected to one’s perception than most people think.

Due to the introductory nature of this Session, Da Pah Ekara San offers an overview of some of the ascended senses that one can learn to reactivate, including the sense of thought, the sense of time, the sense of direction, the sense of choice, and the sense of speech. He offers many examples and simple ways for students to begin experimenting with reactivation.

Da Pah Ekara San also discusses the importance of cutting cords and cleaning up one’s past when wanting to reactivate these 12 senses. As long as one holds on to the ties of the past — and with that to everything one thinks one is and one is not — it is impossible to access the free energy reality, a.k.a. the tonality or “tonal space” that one prepares to enter as part of the student’s expansion beyond matter-and-energy-based vibrational space.

Learning to work with these ascended senses in every moment will help one to discern whether the reality one is expressing is limiting or expansive to the whole. Moving into ascension status, then, as Da Pah Ekara San states, simply means that one starts to truly sense, actively instead of passively, the true interactive nature of one’s reality.

Other Topics Include…

Why the Adonai, or third kakra, is neither defined nor un-defined, and why it can be considered non-defined instead • The necessity of a non-defined space in order to explore both the defined and the un-defined • Activation of the pineal lobe is the access point to the inner, quantum dimensions • DNA responds to your creation • Dormant DNA diminishes your ability to navigate reality • Changing your perception of time and why time is the ticket out of vibrational reality • The sense of impatience as the direct opponent to the sense of time • Differences between old energy and new energy paradigms • How to work with the sense of time, also in relation to money • The inner and outer realms of time • And much more.

Originally Titled:

“The Ascended Senses” | Alchemy of Ascension series