The Study of Vibration | Session 250

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One of the strengths of the Study of Vibration, of the Imzaia material itself, but also of ascended life as the momentum behind its release, is the unparalleled ability — uncanny, to some — to reinvent, regenerate, and rebirth itself, and in the process thereof not being a hindrance or, worse, a stumbling block, to its own evolution.

Session 250, presented by Da Pah Ekara San, signifies such a marker of regeneration and rebirth, on both a microscopic and macroscopic scale. It marks a change in velocity for the material itself, but also for the Student, in the exploration and expansion of one’s internal and external realities.

At the heart of this Session, Da Pah Ekara San invites the Student into a rebirth of their own choosing by delivering to the Student’s life and daily reality the promised reminder that is presented here in this Session. As such, the Student should proceed into this Session with great focus on the material and with great presence within the self. This being such an important yet private experience, we will not use this Session Description to discuss it any further.

Da Pah Ekara San continues his breakdown of the personality parasite in this Session, discussing its dysfunction while under the cloak and blind protection of generally accepted social norms and herd approval. The entrapment and limitations of the physical illusion are discussed in their relation to the metaphysical existence in which the Student truly exists should they choose to unshackle from the parasite’s parameters of a mental, linear existence.

Explorism, which can be summarized as the act of defining the undefined, an active and expressive, heartfelt way of being, is presented for the Student’s consideration, to be contemplated in relation to one’s past experiences of the current lifetimes and, most importantly, one’s associations to them.

Other Topics Include…

The truth behind Mystery Schools • The link between intelligence and separation • The unreality of the personality • The illusion of the mental prison • The sharpened mind • Mental language and mental impulses • The soul’s calling • Explorism as the philosophy behind Mystery Schools • Being a 12 vibrational being • Existing on 144 frequencies • The lockdown of the personality parasite • Moving from theory to practice • and much more.

Originally Titled:

“From the Desk of Ekara, a.k.a. The Personality Parasite” | Alchemy of Ascension series


When I first came across the Imzaia material years ago, my very first feeling was that it represented the most complete and vital truth I had ever encountered. It is impossible to choose just one message or teaching or experience that was the turning point for me to make an incontrovertible, joyful choice fully resonant with the wholeness of my heart and soul to fully “dive in” with everything I am, but this incredible message by Da Pah Ekara San reminding us, all of us, who we are and why we are here, resonated so deeply, it is definitely one of the ones that changed my life: a regeneration and rebirth that continues to expand with each and every breath and in between every heartbeat. I hope that every one reading or listening to this Session “from the desk of Ekara” hears this calling of the soul, of family, and remembers, too.Welcome Home, in Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth, Life, Gratitude, Grace, and Well-Being, always! :pray::sparkling_heart: