The Study of Vibration | Session 281

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Session 281 is a presentation by Da Pah Kwan Yin San who opens this first part of a three part introductory set of lectures on the Sovereign Ascension Spectrum technique (a.k.a. the SAS technique).

The brainchild of Da Pah Ekara San, the SAS technique finds its origins not thousands but millions of linear years ago, in a period of cosmic time often referred to in The Study of Vibration as the Fluid Lemuria (as opposed to the vibrational, third density Lemuria, which existed around 50.000 years ago on Earth).

As the English translation of the name suggests, the SAS technique is an ascension training program, originally taught by Da Pah Ekara San, that takes the student to the edge of one’s known reality and beyond.

In Da Pah Ekara San’s own words: “The Sovereign Ascension Spectrum (SAS) Technique that we are proposing hopes to enhance, advance and speed up the experience of you letting go of your mind so that you may connect quicker to all of life to the fullest, so that you may create a New Earth with your full consciousness intact. Indeed, all of this is available. The wonderful thing about this technique is that only certain things, and not the vast entirety of the mind world within you, has to be broken down for the entire system to fall apart completely and, in essence, for you to be liberated once more.”

Although The Study of Vibration Sessions are not necessarily designed to be studied and worked with in linear sequence, akeyasan students that have already studied Sessions 169 through 203 (often referred to as the Mastering the Grand Illusions Collection or the MGI Collection) will find themselves arriving at deeper insights and expanded understandings by studying the SAS technique, which takes many of the concepts originally offered in the MGI Sessions and moves those into practice. Both Collections can also be experienced and studied in their own right.

As Da Pah Kwan Yin San explains, in its introductory stage the Sovereign Ascension Spectrum technique is designed to help you move through your daily situations with mastery and reach for the truth of what is really happening to you in every moment. Even in the course of these three introductory Sessions, the student learns to interact inter-dimensionally with the neural nets of the brain, achieving full access to belief systems and synaptic pathways created through years of new and repeating experiences. Da Pah Kwan Yin San goes on to explain that, with proper training, the SAS technique as taught by ascended life, can expand one’s mind to encompass the entirety of creation, which is not the end of the ascension road, “but it certainly is when the fun truly starts.”

Other Topics Include:

Learn how to neutralize charged neural pathways in the brain • The SAS technique as a major detox system for your neural net and energy grid • The mind matrix is designed to stop the personality from escaping it • False Memory Identification • Light body Merkabah Restoration • The restrictiveness of choices within the mind matrix reality • You are making choices that you have been taught to make • The SAS technique is about becoming the programmer of your mind and reality • Memory gaps • Authority Identification • Lack Identification • Pillars of Identification • Gender Identification • The Ascension Codes • Sub-Frequential Realities • Tonality & Tonal Reality • The impact of childhood experiences and of other lifetimes • Teaching the SAS Technique • What you are doing in every moment matters • Attributes, Aspects, Archetypes, Sub-Archetypes, Personality types & Personas • And much more.

Study Notes:

Originally Titled:

“The Sovereign Ascension Spectrum (S.A.S.) Technique: Introduction, Part 1”