The Study of Vibration | Session 297

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Session 297 — a live presentation by Da Pah Ekara San to akeyasan students attending an Imzaia seminar, “Life After Ascension of All Matter” — is a lecture on the topic of vibrational misalignment. Both in theory and in practice, Da Pah Ekara San goes into a step by step explanation of how this very concept is solely responsible for misunderstandings and misfirings in connections between humans.

As this lecture unfolds and explores the origins and nature of vibrational misalignment, the student learns more about the vibrational realm and its frequential expressions, about conscious and unconscious aspects of the human personality, about what happens to one’s energy at the time of birth, about active and passive attributes of the mind, and how all of this is heavily intertwined with and influential upon one’s daily reality.

Using the simple example of a typical and normal sentence, often used in daily life, Da Pah Ekara San illuminates the many different unconscious aspects that the ego/mind/personality construct can work with, when it comes to reality creation and interpretation, and the many possible (mis)alignments that can be the result thereof.

Da Pah Ekara San goes on to say that, while the cluster of unconscious aspects may have been responsible for creating what one usually considers one’s personality, this cluster does not have the ability to enter further into ascension status, due to the fact that it has no possibility to create a state of cohesion and balance within itself.

All of this, however, at this point in the akeyasan student’s walking of the ascension path, is changing and evolving, as the student has reached the point of study where one is able to experience what is labeled an “ascension of all matter,” which is further explained in this Session and following ones.

It is up to the student, then, to return now to the energy of the heart, to fully reawaken the conscious aspects of the self, and, as such, to express the way of tonality.

As Da Pah Ekara San explains, one’s conscious aspects have the ability to cluster together easily and to open the student’s perspective to the realm of “active ingredients,” or San, which are Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth, and Life, amongst others, which are the literal, original building blocks of reality, no matter the distortion presented by unconscious aspects of the personality.

Da Pah Ekara San shares that — when two or more conscious aspects connect — the war of the personality parasite in one’s head ceases, and, instead, the tonal realm becomes accessible once again.

Other Topics Include…

A diversity of aspects • Unconscious aspects are feeding the matrix • Gravity versus stability • The individual matrix • Mind, body, spirit, and Ish • The collapse of the mind • Human evolution • Trines and squares in your astrology • The “departure” of Gaia • The end of the Mayan calendar • A template for the new humanity • and much more.

Originally Titled:

“Vibrational Misalignment” | Life After Ascension of All Matter seminar