The Study of Vibration | Session 333

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Never before, in recorded history, has it been possible to directly communicate with the bodies of our solar system, until now. Session 333 is the introductory episode of a webinar by Da Pah Kwan Yin San and Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San, called “The Solar Activations”, originally recorded in December 2015.

It is time to shake all antiquated belief systems to the core and launch into tonal space. The main topic of this introductory session is the Venus/Jupiter conjunction that occurred on June 30, 2015 and the vast changes on a cosmic as well as on a personal level this alignment has brought with it — ‘a major event in human history,’ as Da Pah Kwan Yin San explains. One of the results of this grand cosmic event is the change in the way humans can now communicate with their solar system.

To explain and offer practical ways of doing so, Da Pah Kwan Yin San, in this Session, teaches about the electromagnetic and the morphogenetic fields, the gravitational spin of each of our cells, of the Earth, and of the rest of the solar system. Venus disconnecting Saturn from — and reconnecting Jupiter to — Earth, completely changed the morphogenetic field and allowed for an infusion of akeneic energy into the entire solar system. This means that humanity no longer needs to communicate using the electromagnetic field but can do so directly through the torus field.

The Saturn/Neptune square in November/December 2015 is another topic that Da Pah Kwan Yin San brings up and discusses in this Session, as it is a cosmic event that creates major changes as well: Neptune, the planet of fluidity, is now feeding its energy to Saturn, the planet of linearity and time. This is beginning to happen to the entire solar system: the return of the feminine. On a human level, Da Pah Kwan Yin San explains, this event will start balancing out the left and the right hemispheres of the brain and, in the gap in between, the holographic third lobe of the brain will be created.

Other Topics Include…

Positive and negative electromagnetic field • Rogue planets • Archons and Anunnaki • The creation of a cosmic matrix • Negative spin separating humanity from the active ingredient of Love and shutting down humanity’s connection with the morphogenetic field • How thoughts create dents in the surface of the Sun • The cloaking device over Mars • Humanity comes from Mars • Beings native to Earth don’t have mind • The torus field includes thoughts, words & feelings directly, but not matrix based emotions and thoughts • The power of a thousand suns • Reality creation • The entire song of the solar system is changing • Exercise: connecting with the solar system • And much more.

Originally Titled:

“The Solar Activations, Part 1” | AscendoSphere Webinars


I will always remember the incredible wonder, love, and joy that I and other participants experienced when this “Solar Activations” webinar, including Sessions 333 - 336 in Imzaia World’s Study of Vibration, was linearly first introduced to Humanity. These sessions are a must for every single being creating a human experience on Earth, no matter one’s current level of metaphysical or esoteric study or practice. They will keep you on the edge of your seat with every word while offering antiquated belief-shattering empowerment for all of us, resonant with the truth of who we are, why we are here, and where we are all going. I intend to listen to this series and practice the exercises often and hope you do too. Enjoy!