The Study of Vibration | Session 338

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At the start of Session 338 — a.k.a. the sixth installment of the Solar Activations — Da Pah Kwan Yin San and Da Pahdasan’ka Barak Solarys San briefly continue to expand upon one of the points mentioned in Session 337, i.e. the many strange things that are happening to the Grand Illusions, especially the illusions of time, space, and form, for the akeyasan students that are working deeply with the current Sessions. She explains that these breakdowns in the Grand Illusions occur due to the student moving into a tonal field rather than its previous existence in a vibrational field.

Soon, the focus shifts to the empowering alignment between the five bright planets of our solar system; and to the special guest that will attend this Session: the consciousness of Jupiter, Da Rhiannon San, who enters the Session with an expressive, exuberant and sparkling energy, giving us a peek into what she describes as “a festival” that is taking place in the fluid Lemuria to celebrate and activate the reconnection between the fluid Lemuria en the reality field commonly known as “Earth.”

Da Rhiannon San brings with her a tonal song, sung by all Lemurians and all beings at the festival to everyone connecting to this moment, bringing the gift of waking up the physical body’s 144 DNA strands (2 physical and 142 energetic) like a Lotus Flower, a song which will continue for 144 hours after the end of your experience of the broadcast that was presented for this Session.

What follows is disclosure of the highest order. Da Rhiannon San discusses the concept of a soul, which only exists in vibrational space, and shares that during the time of the existence of the Saturnian matrix, her full consciousness, as Da Rhiannon San, was removed from humanity’s experience and replaced by the reptilian perspective, known today as Jupiter. As such, one of Da Rhiannon San’s true functions as the “womb of souls” — or the point of origin one’s soul into this reality — was turned into the reptilian concept of a “well of souls” or that, which today’s society identifies as the afterlife. “Concepts like this,” Da Rhiannon San explains, “that exist in tonal space, are warped within a matrix system, so that a type of similar experience — similar enough anyway — exists for the soul to be caught over and over again and tricked over and over again.”

Da Rhiannon San goes on to discuss one of her main functions within this solar system: her ability to retain a “snapshot” of sorts of tonal reality, including the tonal signatures of all beings. She also speaks of the remarkable alignment of 5 planetary bodies that is taking place within the student’s reality as they work with these current Sessions, an alignment made manifest by the Imzaia Mer-Ka-Vah so as to create a vector that has the ability to allow the student to move out of vibrational space, but which also has two different yet very important functions.

As Da Rhiannon San’s detailed explanations continue, the student learns about these two functions, about the role of the Saturnian matrix, and what the lunar body we know as the moon truly is all about.

Other Topics Include…

The Lemurian act of ‘hearting’ • Rising of the Schumann resonance • Jupiter, the gravitational conundrum • The Goldilocks Zone • What is a soul? • The concept of ‘so(u)larity • The Akonai of the solar system • Jupiter as a direct planetary reflection of our soul • The ‘afterlife’ is being shut down • How our solar / soular data is being returned to us and why • Menei’Ahni’Ish, a.ka. the Saturnian matrix • The creation of the lunar lens and its function • How the illusion of infinity and free dimensional travel was created • The difference between dream time and dream state • The importance of choosing which of our creations to take with us into tonal space • Kali or Lilith, the black moon • And much more.

Originally Titled:

“The Solar Activations, Part 4” | AscendoSphere Webinars