The Study of Vibration | Session 47

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This 47th Session of The Study of Vibration, presented by the cosmic consciousness known as The Cosmic Twelve, discusses the opportunities that are always available in this linear, yet cyclical, reality we inhabit. Cycles, by most humans, are often seen as auspicious times — so too for the akeyasan student body that attended this Session recording, which happened around Christmas time: a human/societal occurrence that, like many others, can either be experienced as repetitive or cyclical; the former being the result of a linear mindset, while the latter can open one’s eyes to a new, yet authentic, circular way of thinking and being.

From a circular perspective, everything in our reality changes. Cycles help us integrate and evaluate, they assist us in witnessing a plane above the linear arena, where infinite abundance exists. Christmas time, much like any other cyclical event in our experience, is an invitation to accept infinite abundance, which ultimately comes down to truly accepting the creation that is our Life.

The Cosmic Twelve mirror our power back to us. We hold the key, we are the creator of our reality, and we choose what we manifest around us. There is an abundant, even infinite amount of potentials available to us all, at any point in time, no matter the circumstances.

As part of this Session or “ekaraia” (a Lemurian expression meaning “one meeting one”) The Cosmic Twelve introduce us to the Imzaia Auditorium and wake us up to the practice of becoming Cosmic Adults, with the invitation to release all things ‘old’ in our lives. It is important to take up our responsibility and focus only on those things that help us forward into more expansive versions of ourselves, both personally and collectively.

This ekaraia Session will help you understand more about your choices in life, about releasing what no longer serves, why you find yourself in this physical reality, but, above all, it will reacquaint you with what you truly came to do here: to enter cosmic adulthood and be who you truly are, to walk the path of personal and planetary ascension, to come home to your infinite Heart, and to take expressive and creative charge of this metaphysical Creality that pours out of you with every breath that you take.

Other Topics Include…

A deeper understanding of the Higher Self • How and why your existence is closely connected to cosmic time more so than to linear time • Evaluating both your internal and external life circumstances • Coming to understand why drama is created and how to move into a state of balance • The true meaning of abundance and how to make it an integral part of your life • A deeper understanding of the energy of Source • Planet Earth’s key position in the cosmos • What changes to expect when you come to understand yourself as the Creator Self • The purpose of letting go • and much more.

Originally Titled:

“Born in Abundance” | The Cosmic Manifest series