The Study of Vibration | Session 51

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The 51st Session of The Study of Vibration, presented by the cosmic consciousness collective known as The Cosmic Twelve, introduces the akeyasan ascension student to some very important concepts, vital to the understanding of the workings of the early ascension path.

The original recording date of this Session is January 3, 2007, and, as such, the audio edition of this Session is presented from the perspective of the akeyasan student body in attendance at that time. However, even though this Session — and all subsequent Sessions of The Study of Vibration — has most likely been recorded many years prior to the akeyasan ascension student’s Now moment, it is important to realize the timeless nature of the material presented. No matter the ascension student’s linear point of entry on the ascension path — also known as The Pah — the Study is timeless and unchanging.

As such, it can be assumed that the external experiences, happening on a cosmic or earth-bound level, that occurred to the akeyasan student body in attendance of the original recordings of these Sessions, including the experiences that are referenced in this Session, are also taking place in the inner and outer dimensions and realities of the individual akeyasan ascension student studying the material at their own point in linear time.

Any time the student decides to revisit any Session for study or renewed contemplation, the same effect on the inner and outer dimensions will therefore be had, and, with study and practice, the effect will become exponential.

The Student in the Now must understand that the time stamps and temporal marks, referenced in this and any other Session, are truly occurring Now, from your personal perspective on the ascension path, and can even be argued to only be occurring in this akeyasan ascension student’s reality due to the creative act of the walking of the ascension path by the student. The akeyasan ascension student must at all times understand that the Pah, as it unfolds, is truly occurring on the levels of the inner dimensions and inner realities, which is why the reflection in the external reality is observable to begin with, and not the other way around.

The most important concept that the akeyasan ascension student is introduced to in this 51st Session, is the Quickening, which, in short, can be described as a response by the Central Sun to the choice of the student to start walking the Pah; a choice made by the student in the spaces in between working with the Sessions, during times of integration.

The Quickening can be interpreted as a set of energy streams, released by the Central Sun into the Creality of the akeyasan ascension student, which causes an experience that can best be described as the speeding up of linear time in the inner and outer reality experience of the student. In this Session, therefore, the Cosmic Twelve offer an in depth discussion of the ‘Quickening’ energies that are rapidly emerging from the Central Sun and have been available to all of Humankind since the beginning of 2007.

The Cosmic Twelve use the years between 2007 and 2012 as a framework to explain the increase of time flow experience, and how this works on a practical level, with the energy of multiple years being experienced in months, etc. As one removes one’s self further from linear time, the student gains a better overview of the timeline itself, until time and space become entirely accessible at will.

This, and much more, is shared in depth in this Session, which is vital to our understanding of time flow and time acceleration, a result of the ascension student’s expanding journey of consciousness exploration, and individual and collective soul ascension.

Other Topics Include…

The major and extremely important difference in the interconnected phases of Inscension and Ascension • The metaphysical concept of Release and the reintegration of everything conditional • Energy feeding, energy theft, and energy vampirism • Moving from the speed of light to the speed of consciousness • The choice of consciousness over mind • Using breath to allow the limitless river of potentials to flow in and out of you • Cosmic and holographic balance • Letting go of human drama and linear thinking • A further exploration of Cosmic Adulthood and what it means to be a Cosmic Adult • The axiom that vibrational energy can expand or shrink without losing any amount of itself • An introduction of the 12-layered energetic body • and much more.

Originally Titled:

“The Quickening” | The Cosmic Manifest series