The Study of Vibration | Session 52

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This Session, albeit recorded several weeks prior to Sessions 51, on December 9, 2006, is given this next slot in The Study of Vibration at the request of The Cosmic Twelve, made by them in Session 51. The Twelve state that this Session is, in fact, the actual first one ever presented by them, linearly speaking. Its main topic concerns the concept of Energetic Consciousness.

This Session continues the exploration of the Ascension Student becoming a conscious creator, while also giving further attention to the important concept of the Top Life: the culmination of all inter-dimensional lifetimes and lessons lived, and the one that opens up the gateway of personal and planetary ascension out of the linear matrix.

The Cosmic Twelve discuss the important distinction between feeling and emotion, and between mind and consciousness, as stepping stones towards learning to inhabit not only the physical body but the energetic bodies as well.

The Cosmic Twelve also explain the difference between the Akash and the Adonai — aka the first Kakra, or the ‘head’ Kakra — and how, by shutting down the former and activating the latter, one can open up to a different type of reality creation, making use of the akeneic Kakra system rather than the vibrational Chakra system.

Many other avenues of thought, relating to the concept of Energetic Consciousness, are discussed in this fascinating Session, which prepares the Ascension Student for the vast array of Sessions yet to come.

Other Topics Include…

The possibility of a human reality without laws, obligations, or complexity • The difference between emotion and feeling, Akash and Akonai • How to stop repeating past experiences to prevent perpetuation of drama and suffering • Stepping into your true power by fully inhabiting your physical & energetic bodies • Our current physical existence is the result of the Atlantean experiment of structuring energy and feeling • Free will is about creating your own choices • We enter this reality with consciousness fully intact & how Mind is only born when we hear and speak our first word • There is no ‘God’ in heaven, we are the creators of our field of reality • How it is the job of all Ascension Students to bring in this new state of Energetic Consciousness & become the teachers of the New Earth, both on a physical level and in dreamtime • How many people are going ‘out of their minds’ because they have no more space left to live within the confines of their minds • The need to let go of the last bits of the addiction called Mind in order to prepare for direct Ascension Training • and much more.

Originally Titled:

“Energetic Consciousness” | The Cosmic Manifest series