The Study of Vibration | Session 64

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Session 64, recorded by the Cosmic Twelve during a two day Imzaia event in The Netherlands in early 2007, presents the akeyasan student body with a crossroads, and invites you to enter the next level of your ascension training. It appeals to that part of yourself that is infinite and can help you come to terms with the fact that the never-ending need for further input, for more information, for increasingly more intense experiences, is simply an aspect of the self that does not accept that it is and always has been in a state of divine perfection.

This is the time to accept that you are simply energy that is expressing itself. When you can achieve this acceptance, you can experience for yourself that you have arrived in a time in which the state of “inscension” — which precedes ascension — has occurred, leading to the understanding that you are in a “top life” state, i.e. this lifetime carries the energy and experiences of all the other lifetimes you have ever lived, imprinted in the energetic DNA stands of your being. As such, there are no more scripted potentials to play out that are waiting for you. This is the time where it is up to you to choose your potentials and to create that which is in your heart.

In this Session, the Cosmic Twelve encourage you to stop any and all excuses, a good example of which is the excuse of money. The Cosmic Twelve offer assistance in this Session to change your relationship with money by helping you reach a level of understanding above the vibrational field of polarity, thereby removing money as a polarity in your energy field.

Last but not least, this Session is a powerful reminder that it is up to you to accept that, ultimately, your life’s mission has nothing whatsoever to do with the roles that you have immersed yourself in as a personality in this lifetime. Instead, you are here to be a teacher of balance, of new energy, expressing as you do the consciousness of the central sun. You are here to find cosmic mastery within yourself… and that is only the beginning. May this Session help you remember.

Originally Titled:

“A Wake-up Call” | Imzaia Insights Series