The Trap & How to Escape: David Icke Dot Connector


David Icke and The Trap really do not need an introduction, as any one who has followed his work over the years knows he is here for all of us assisting us to become more of the truth of who we are. Loving what I am seeing regarding his new book “The Trap” and I encourage those who can to run to the nearest store or David Icke’s website and buy a copy.

Wonderful comment via a YT conversation about this book:

"Through 30 years of adversity David calmly stood his ground and now the time has come for this brilliant author and phenomenally gifted intuitive to be vindicated.

I just love this man’s heart and how he always ties everything together with the message that the solution will manifest by the power vested in love and unity!"

I couldn’t agree more!

Love, Da Amber San

P.S. Here’s another inspiring conversation on the same subject from the Inspired channel. Check it out ASAP:

Due to the nature of the conversation the above image/link from the Inspired channel shows half via YT and the remaining half on Inspired’s FREE locals channel, with links in the YT video to create an account to join this channel. Just finished the full video/conversation and it is DEF worth it. Enjoy!