There is no virus - David Icke

In this one hour, free video, David Icke, in discussion with Gareth Icke, discusses some important points about the current “pandemic” situation faced by 7 billion people globally.

Unfortunately, David Icke’s content has been banned from YouTube, Facebook, and other social media, so his website is now the only way to link directly to his work:


Thank you very much for posting this video. A clarifying and undeniable message.

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David Icke is one of the, if not THE best, truth tellers out there and to me, and to millions more, is beloved beyond words (if not by those who would silence him :roll_eyes:). He has been a stalwart and remarkable voice for many years for humanity’s freedom and conscious evolution and expansion, and should be celebrated and loved. :heart: Thank you for this post and thank you, David Icke!!! :kissing_heart::pray:

(I dang near bawled like a baby seeing him rally thousands peacefully protesting the “plandemic” in London’s Trafalgar Square; the cheering crowds and love pouring out of his heart and the protesters, young, old, and in-between, was palpable and deeply felt.)

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