Understanding The Higher Self In The Law of One (Ra Material)

Video by Brian Scott, The Reality Revolution:

"The law of one is a fascinated 5 book series with transcripts from an entity claiming to be RA a 6th density social memory complex with deep metaphysical insights and knowledge about the universe.

One of the most fascinating parts of the law of one is the higher self. According to RA, your higher self may be one from far in the future.

I am very interested in the higher self and anything I can learn and so this episode is dedicated to the way it is explained in the Law of One

I go over each time RA or the questioner uses the words higher self.

Some of it is confusing but most of it is deeply interesting. Perhaps it will help you on your journey.

Music by Mettaverse:

Through the haze Ambient blade runner tribute meditation 582hz
777hz deep relaxation
Tibetan singing bowls rain and thunder 432hz
Sea of Samsara Karmic Clearing
111hz the language of light balancing the light 444hz
Love the universal constant 111hz 444hz tuning
111hz The Heart of True Being
Into the Omniverse 963hz pineal gland activation
768hz throat chakra inspire creativity

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