WAKE UP CALL | Documentary 4K | World Freedom Alliance: Copenhagen

The World Freedom Alliance gathers in Copenhagen, Denmark to bring together the world’s most prolific freedom-fighters. Centering around a political rally of JFK21, this documentary features the latest comments from Andrew Kaufman, Catherin Austin Fitts, Dolores Cahill and many other members of the WFA in 2021.

Film produced by Oracle Films. Share and share alike. Not for distribution on monetised channels. Contact info@oraclefilms.com for broadcast rights.

Well done! :star2::fire::star2: Thank you for posting this very important documentary, ekaraia.gaia :two_hearts::heart::two_hearts: Imagining THIS aired on all media, in celebration of humanity’s freedom & well-being, along with fear replaced by love, and sooner rather than later! :pray::heartbeat:

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