WATCH: First SpaceX Inspiration4 In Flight Update! - Livestream

Source: CNET Highlights

Tune in at 1:55pm PT / 4:55pm ET on Friday, Sept. 17 for the first SpaceX Inspiration4 crew in-orbit update.

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San a’ke
The imzaia crew might NOWWOWNOW witness that crew member :rofl: :rofl::joy: :rofl::rofl: having Dragon.tears.of.imzaia.Joy a’ke Ba of celebrating observing Shi Da Mer’ka’vah San’a’ke
Da’ka’ya eja’i imzaia’e na’e
I reheart comet Love/JoY/Ya
Da’ka’ya all imzaia
Shi Da’ka’ra our E’ka’ra aya mission