What is causing distant galaxies to synchronize?

As shown in the linked article, science is beginning to understand the concept of plethoric realities, as taught in the Imzaia material (The Study of the Pah).

As opposed to quantum realities, plethoric realities are so vast and expansive that humanity cannot observe the scale at which they exist. Similar to how microscopic life is often not aware of our macroscopic world, plethoric realities reach beyond the comprehension of the current human mind:


Fascinating that science is at least questioning this, as inferences are a part of exploration that often raise questions and open oneself to understand more, hopefully moving from the physical to the metaphysical in further exploration and understanding in this case. It reminds me of adopting infinity and eternity as very rudimentary concepts as a child, to digging in a little deeper as a young adult, to later on to being able to grasp these concepts on a feeling level, to a rudimentary, growing understanding on a metaphysical level… As Nassim Haramein says, “To be a good scientist you have to go to your heart first because that is where the information is.”

It seems a good idea to go to the metaphysical first, too, and to feel that there is much more beyond vibratory existence and life.

I wonder how this may evolve given the current human mind’s linitation (and eventual movement to quantum mind,) but for now am happy to leave it there in wonderment, along with a whole-hearted embrace of further metaphysical exploration in the Study of the Pah.

Hats off and gratitude to inquisitive, heart and mind focused scientists, and to ascended life, assisting us in big leaps in human evolution sure to come!