What is Genius? – Bruce Lee #1: True Self Expression, with Michael Mamas

In this video, Michael Mamas discusses What is Genius? – The Genius of Bruce Lee #1: True Self Expression. If you talk with or listen to a person who has really excelled in their field, and got profound insight into the nature of whatever it is they are pursuing, they arrive upon profound principles of the nature of life and the nature of existence. In Indian philosophy they describe it like if you have a pencil and you sharpen the pencil, and sharpen the pencil, and get that point finer and finer, finally the very tip of that pencil taps into the depth of truth.

Things Bruce Lee said are fantastic. He was doing martial arts but he took it to a very sophisticated level. He came upon very profound truths of the mystery of the nature of life and existence.

Bruce Lee said, “To me, ultimately martial art means honestly expressing yourself. Now it is very difficult to do.” What does it mean to honestly expressyourself? The self exists on different levels. The deepest level of the self is, for many people, shrouded by conditioning, programming, Samskaras. When people behave, they tend to do it based on this more superficial level of life of indoctrination. Truth dwells deep within the essence of everything. Truth is found where? In the depth of your own being. Why? Because you are the source of all existence. Einstein said that and so did the ancient philosophers. I am the source of all existence, you are the source of all existence. “I am That. You are That. All of this is nothing but That.” To bring that source of Knowledge, that place where you are in harmony with the true nature of life and existence out into your life, that is called how to fully express yourself.To really express your Self. That’s not so easy to do.

Bruce Lee says, “To express oneself honestly, not lying to oneself, to express myself honestly… that, my friend, is very hard to do.” One of the reasons it is so hard to do is because you can’t just decide to do it. It’s a state of physiology that is cultivated so that you awaken to that deepest level of your being. It’s called spiritual evolution. It’s the integration of the surface of your life with the depth of your being. That’s how you really express yourself. It’s not something you can decide to do; it’s a process.

Bruce Lee, refined his physiology through martial arts. Some do it through painting, others through physics, you can do it through many different channels. It’s about sharpening that pencil, to the point you can touch into the very deepest level of knowledge. The very deepest level of being, the very deepest level of your being which is one with the Being that underlies all life and existence. You come from there – spontaneously in harmony with your own true nature which is the same thing as being in harmony with Mother Nature.


I truly enjoyed this video very much and through it, consciously touching the heart and soul of the great Bruce Lee!

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