Woke is Tyranny Destroying Freedom - on the Way to Destroying itself

In his latest video, David Icke speaks out about the dangers of the Woke mentality, created and funded by ‘the cult’, as he calls it, to serve their agenda: divide and conquer. Woke is not awake, but rather very much the opposite.


Thank you, Chachi.Ram for posting this. If one is “awake,” it is not difficult to realize the divisiveness, inversion, and agendas behind all the “woke” cancel culture political manipulation going on currently. However, David and Gareth Icke do such a superb job connecting the dots, this is a “must watch” for everyone. I enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to these not-so-hidden agendas being “overwritten” by the expanding expression of imzaia consciousness and experience of active reality creation of a new earth taking center stage!

San’a’kaya ohami vish imzaia’e :sparkling_heart::pray: