You’re Telepathic And Don't Even Know It — Scientific Proof of Clairvoyance | Dr. Dean Radin

Source: Michael Sandler’s Inspire Nation:

"You have a power inside of you to see the future that’s greater than you can ever imagine. And now clairvoyance and telepathy have been proven by science. There’s a billion to one chance telepathy is real. This means you personally have the power of clairvoyance in your mind. You can see and read the future, quite literally backed by science, which will give you the ability to change the future.

This is not hocus pocus fantasy world. This is hard science, and with Dr. Dean Radin in this special interview you’ll see proof and learn how you can become clairvoyant as well. Learn how to use your telepathy to see into the future and transform your world through the scientifically proven power of your mind.

Dr. Dean Radin is the Chief Scientist at The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), author/co-author of over 250 technical and popular articles, three dozen book chapters or more, three books, including the award-winning, The Conscious Universe and Tangled Mind, the 2014 Silver Nautilus Book Award Winner, Super Normal, and his latest, another all-time favorite of mine, Real Magic."

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