Zuckerberg’s Metaverse: Your Thoughts May Not Be Your Own

Source: IndieWire, Author: Erik Kohn

This is quite a large article covering Facebook’s, errrr, I mean Meta’s, shameful-lacking-consciousness ploy and power grab to hack not only social media and gaming as we know it, but to create a frightening metaverse technologically. Worth reading, especially the following last paragraph:

“They’re essentially reading your mind and you’ll have no privacy in terms of disclosing what you’re thinking. If you can understand someone’s thinking and can hack their action patterns, you can undermine their own free will. You can experientially present something that leads them to an end goal. Now, your identity is who you are based on what you choose to disclose. Well, if they’re tracking all this information about who you are, they’re creating a digital twin of your identity. And they’re looking at all this with a concept from 1973. Because this is new technology, what are the norms? Well, we don’t know. They’re creating them.”

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